Banned for selling Horizon Edition cars?

Hi guys.

I’ve been selling forza editions for 4-7 million as I’m allowed to for sole reason. Some chap messages me and tells me I’m reported for “abusing the system”. I go back to the game and hour or so later and my auction house is saying “forza server not available” etc as it does if its down. I restarted the game and all of my online functions are blacked out as if I have no wifi.

Can anyone tell me if I have been banned ? Or its doing this for another reason eg slow wifi. Thanks!

if you were banned you would get a message telling you that you are banned

Moderation discussion is usually not permitted in chats nor does any player have the info to make a clear judgement. A support ticket is your only case for a clear answer. I would suspect that being banned would have come with a notification.

As for selling cheap, i dont see that as being possible to be against the rules. I sell stuff cheap just to dump and clear it from my inventory. That includes FE cars

Your not i have the same thing happening to me right now. It’s just a server issue, just relax.

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