Banned for no reason

Just turned in Horizon 3 after not playing for a few days and got a message saying I was banned.

I have not used any exploits or “trainers” as I keep seeing them being called. Haven’t even really used auction house since non VIP auctions started being listed alongside VIP auctions and not at the end of VIP auctions.

I’ve also had about 10 million worth of unclaimed credits in the auction house from sales of HE cars and now I can no longer reclaim it.

Could any of the mods provide the reason for the ban or unban me? This is ridiculous. I’m seeing tons of posts about people being banned. What gives?

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Also, could somebody kindly point me in the direction where I could get a refund. After owning every Forza since FM2 (except FM5) this will be the last one I buy.

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Good luck with that.

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Refunds need to be processed via your retailer or Xbox Support.