Banned For NO REASON

I Been Banned For the Past 78 and a Half hours and I Would like to Know Why Right Here and Right Now
IF it is Because I sold Designs that were ORIGINALLY Created by SW33T00TH GUY That was my old Gamertag so if you Could Unban me I Would be GREATLY Pleased because I bought 29 Tokens and when I Tried to buy a car with The Tokens it says “Server Not Responding” If this is because Im banned and If it is then I Just Wasted 25$ for NOTHING!!! So IF one of you T10 Developers could Reply with an ANSWER To this Misban I Would be Greatly Pleased

Oh I ALMOST Forgot I Don’t DO the Email Stuff because Im Doin all this on XBOX

No incorrect ban in Horizon, but wrong area to be posting, YellowJacketTMB.

You got caught attempting to sell The Lost Angel/Mr Cartoon in Forza Horizon which was originally created as a Forza Motorsport Gift Car a couple versions ago by none other that phREDESIGN. He works for Turn 10.

You don’t have to do email in this case, because the answer would be the same. You will serve your time.