Banned for no reason and didnt receive a message in the message center or email

I have a issue with forza horizon 4
I was banned for no reason like literally
I didn’t receive a message in the message center neither on email
It seems like I was banned from all online features including auction house, community car desgins and playing online
I cant find a reason why I was banned
I didn’t play ranked drift adventure
I cant play online
I cant use the auction house
I cant play online adventures including drift ones
I don’t have access to forzathons
When I try to do anything from these it just says that I am banned from the following feature
My Gamertag is markymazter
I am level 156 and I own 241 cars if this might be related to the problem
Thank you.

Could be all those mysterious credits.

Bans are not discussed on the forums. Feel free to submit a ticket with any questions.

Have a nice day.