Banned for being new to R class Please Help

I recently went into R division where I am new, and had a run in with a man that did not like my skill set. He told me he was going to get all of his friends to report me. I guess that worked, and I even explained at the beginning of the race that i was new. I do not see any way of contact to open my account as i have done nothing wrong. I was simply still just learning to drive R division cars and wasn’t very good.

Please help with info to get my account unbanned as Forza 6 is my only game that I own.

“New” is understandable, however repeatedly and very intentionally playing like Forza Motorsport 6 is a game of bumper cars is unsportsmanlike behavior, and a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

I suggest next time you’re in the game, you go into FREE PLAY with a lower division car and practice driving cleanly without crashing into the other cars before you play against humans in high-speed cars. Starting at lower Classes will give you the opportunity to learn your braking and acceleration, where the racing lines are and how to pass without ramming others out of the way, Use Replays to learn how others do it correctly.

The first ban (seven days or 168 hours from the time placed) will give you plenty of opportunity to sharpen your skills. You may appeal your ban with an email, but by the time they would answer it should be over. Neither bans nor the enforcement of the rules by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums.