banned for 20 years i]i,ll be dead by then I AM 60 YRS OLD

[I have been banned twice now and i still have no idea how this even occurs the 1st was 30 days and now this second time for 20 years , DID I KILL SOME ONE ?? … IS IT FOR THE SAME INFRACTION??? if i had a clue as to what i did to in cure such severe punishment i might be able to resolve the infraction and get back to playing forza 4 as i have paid you for… not being able to get into my club garage and share with the other members is not fair to them… … I have read all the rules and don’t see any thing in them that i have done wrong … although reading some of these posts i think i may have tried to give a unicorn car away.what good is two the same ??.. where is it said i cant, even though i was unable to do so… Why did you give me unicorn cars ??? there was no explanation but thank you… Please revue what you have done to this poor old man and advise me of my crime … p.s. if my handle BOOZERTOO IS OFFENSIVE please understand it has to do with an alcohol powered sand rail i built…I am not promoting drunks…

[Mod edit - WSD, please refrain from answering if you do not know the answer]

You’ve actually been banned THREE times, BOOZER II - November, 2012; October, 2013; and May 15, 2014 - all for the same profanity Vinyl. Nothing to do with Unicorns at all, but failure to adhere to the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct which we all agree to when we create our Xbox LIVE accounts.

There is no discussion on the forums about bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct by Turn 10. You may write them at if you wish, but three obvious bans for violations of the regulations won’t garner too much sympathy.

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