banned for 20 years for a paintjob

I find hard to believe that I got banned for 20 years over a paintjob that was from the storefront and I get banned for it and not the other person thats some bs right there and it would of been better for a warning and not a 20 yr ban

The “warning” is in the Code of Conduct:

"What are examples of conduct that is prohibited in Xbox?

(Note: the examples below are just a few examples of Conduct prohibited by the Microsoft Code of Conduct. Just because something isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s OK.)
Don’t cheat or tamper. For example, don’t:

Use unauthorized hardware or software
Exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches
Make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents (e.g., tenure, Avatar, game saves, Gamerscore, achievements)
Intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods"

Altering the functions of the livery editor to creature unintended coloration or effects on the cars isn’t legal, therefore the ban. Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to forzafb@microsoft.