Bandicam not working in FH4

I’ve searched the community forums and can’t find any result for Bandicam and FH4, but it won’t record at all in this game. The Bandicam forum support page suggested toggling DX12 and UWP hooking in the Bandicam advanced tab, but no combination of toggles works.
I can record with Bandicam in FH3, FM7 and Apex with no problems, but it won’t hook onto FH4, for me at least.
Has anyone else come across this and if so, is there a solution?

With Horizon 4, you need to record the monitor directly. Anything that hooks into FH4 will either crash the game, or just not record anything. Ive reported numerious recording issues to T10 and Playground via I would highly recommend you do the same.

OBS is able to record the monitor directly, if Bandicam cant. OBS is also free, and can both record and livestreem. If you use a high refresh rate monitor (anything above 60hz, such as a 144hz monitor for example), you may end up with stuttering in game while recording. You can get around this by limiting the game FPS to 60, and limiting the Hz of the monitor to 60. You should be able to do so inside the software that controls your AMD GPU, or you can change it inside windows display settings for the monitor you use.

Another way to record is via the HDMI directly with a video capture device, such as the Elgata HD60s. The above problems can also exist, so sometimes the same frame rate limiting steps may need to be taken in order to get a smooth experience while recording.

Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for your reply @lalyrn
I also put in a ticket but was referred to this article, which offers no real solutions.

Overlays are the issue, so, for the time being, I’ll record with either AMD ReLive or Windows Game DVR, both of which do a pretty good job.
Mirillis Action! has the same problem by the way, as do other overlays, as you know (MSI Afterburner etc)