Ban timer expired, but still can't access areas


I was given a 7 day ban for violation of Microsoft’s terms of service regarding a design. I made a mistake, it was stupid, and I’d love to fix it. The problem is that I can’t fix it, the game won’t allow me to do so. I cannot unshare or delete the design in question. I logged in as soon as I could (1 1/2 hours after my ban was supposed to be lifted) to try and remove the offending design. But my Gamertag is still banned from the feature.

Was I banned again less than 2 hours later for the same design? Or is this a case of server updates running slow?

I’ve already contacted Turn 10 via email. I’m just hoping to get some insight into this situation.

Those of you who should have their bans for violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct expire already are in a situation discovered over the weekend, and being looked into currently by Turn 10 techs.

At this point, it takes an employee with the proper credentials to access the records. Turn 10 is aware of the issues, and working to resolve them.

Why am I banned and how long is it for? I just get a pop up message but no email or xbox live message to tell me for how long?

I was recently banned (1st offense, 7 days) for an admittedly slightly inappropriate livery upload. However, after the ban date expired on May 13th, I still have no access to the storefront. Is there any word on this issue and if/when it’ll be fixed? Any info helps. Thanks all!