Ban in Beta?

Playing FM6A and enjoying it thoroughly and I can’t believe this is beta its so well optimized and I have not encountered any graphical bugs. Since its in public beta how can you ban someone for finding any bugs or exploit isnt that the whole point of beta to find out and eliminate such said exploits. After so much time unlocking cars and fine tuning setups and what not how can you decide to ban someone in beta. I don’t care about leader boards ban me from that but how come you are stopping me from playing the spotlights event. If you do that no one will report you the bugs and exploits. I had sent an email to microsoft regarding the score exploit still I get banned. If I had paid for this product I would be even more angry how come you punish others for your mistake. This is not expectable.

I’m thinking about sending an email to Turn10 with the definition of word “Beta test”.

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