Ban F1 cars in drift lobbies

They don’t drift, they’re just super accurate missles for rammers. No, it won’t get rid of rammers but they’ll have to resort to something more unwieldy.

Going to be ‘that guy’ for a second, and point out that there is a lobby specifically titled UNLIMITED DRIFT GHOST for this very reason. I suggest using it, and not complaining about things with obvious solutions.


Your “obvious solution” completely misses what drifting as a motorsport is all about. Sure everyone could all just join ghost lobbies and not be bothered by people ramming but at that point you might as well just race/drift solo for leaderboard positions because you’ve taken out any wheel-to-wheel fun out of the equation and for drifting it is a major aspect. Keep in mind the main component in all competitive drift events both irl and online through the various competitions that are run by people in the drift community (since at least FM2 AFAIK), even when drifting in an noncompetitive environment like a drift/track day tandeming is going to be a big thing for the people who have the skill and cars to do so.

I’m not going to apologize for probably being rude because you decided to be ‘that guy’

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So when I go to open drift meet up, which lends itself better to random tandems, switching cars up, and a more relaxed format, I should just have to deal with F1 cars in a drift lobby or go to the ghost lobby? Part of the fun is getting right on someone’s door, sideways, trying not to crash. The ‘obvious solution’ is getting rid of F1/LMGT race cars in a drift lobby.