Ban caused by a bug


I’ve got a ban ticket (from 1/24/2022 to 1/31/2022) for a “fxxx xxxdy” van photo and livery. Totally agree, I wasn’t aware of what that means on context (I’m spanish and I thought It was just a joke)
I accepted the penalty. Fair. Nothing to say

But the 1st of February the ban ended and I was able to delete the photo of the van with that message and the livery. I wanted to have my user clean and I’ve even gave the van as a gift.

On the next day I had another ticket for one month and didnt know why? I did what I should.
The funny thing here was entrering to my garage there was the van that I had given as a gift but no avatar of it, was blank. Saldy I didnt made a screenshot. Then I just delete the vehicle but I had a thanks message from the user who had received. Weird.

At that time I started to seach for the reason of this second ban and what happened. Strangely the livery with the message was there again. And believe me. I did it. I removed. And I’ve checked it was deleted.
I’ve been sending a couple of messages to Forza support but at the same moment it says Solved. None is reading those messages and helping.

First ban was clearly and I not asking anything. But this second Ban is unreasonable. Is clearly a fail from the game.

Username Tesse020

I expect this thread to be locked and/or deleted because istr the first rule of ban club is no talking about ban club… but… this I am familiar with…

See this thread :


Well! thanks! Atleast wasnt only me the one with that gift car problem.

The weird part now is I can’t play online thanks to that problem. And isn’t my fault.

My ban is a consequence of that bug…

You did of course remove the offending livery from the van before gifting it out I assume.

Yap. First delete Livery then give the van. Next day (I was able to be online for a moment) blank image of the car and boom! New ban.

Oh man :smiley: maybe another loophole wich allows u to ban ppl :smiley:

Ok - just wondered if that could have been the cause of your problems. Not gifted many if any painted cars this game. Just wondered if it worked like when you put a car in the AH and it created another paint save file. Which could have explained both issues, second ban for sharing dodgy paint + save file reappearing.

If it’s not that, you’re left with the cloud save didn’t update after you deleted the livery or it could be that unsharing a design is sometimes a bit more complex than it ought to be;

But to be fair I’m only guessing as not been banned or forced to remove a livery so far.