Badges and driver gear for 9 10 and 11 not available?

I am level 11 and am still missing these. Help

You only get the badge for the tier level you started the game with. There is a 12 badge but I started at 11 and 12 does not unlock. You only get the Forza game gear for the Forza games you have played when you first started 7 as well I believe. I can’t get the Forza 1 gear although I played it but I never had the Original Xbox. I think since I only played it backwards compatible on the 360 may be the reason.

12 badge ended up getting removed since it was impossible to get

The badges and gear were relevant to what tier level you were at when you first started playing fm7…not which games you actually played
If you were at tier 11 when you initially started playing you should have got all the gear and badges…except 12 of course