BAD updates to the game for months. Here is the proof. Causes stutters/low FPS, sluggish performance

I bought the game “ultimate edition” last year. Was fine for months. Then little sluggish, stutter, jitters.I upgraded my PC to 1800x, RTX 2060 Gaming OC and SSD. Still the game gets worse… I suspect it is bad software updates, so after contacting support at MS and Turn 10 and reading all forums and trying everything I did below to test and prove these updates are BAD. Below is my reply from another thread, it belongs here.

“This has had me do everything you can imagine, from upgrading my PC to reinstalling fresh 1903 to checking the boxes of everything said by everyone. THIS is what I just did and no surprise either. I downloaded an illegal pirate copy of Forza 7 CODEX version released last year version is (which is very close the purchased version of mine from last year) Installed and guess what? It works perfectly. No jitter no frame drops no stutter. Even in benchmark it is smooth. So, I can conclude that the game software itself has a problem which has progressively got worse with BAD updates over the last 6-9 months. I contacted Microsoft with this as well as Turn 10. Their attitude over all the communications can be summed up as “We refuse to give you what you paid for at that time and we refuse to refund you for what you now have” I wanted a copy of the version I paid for and downloaded last year. (I won’t update it -that’s my plan) I sent Turn 10 a support request today for this -but guys…. Do you think I will get it… after the last few months I have little confidence…”

(fixed version number is I miss typed earlier in the post)

Hi everyone. Believe me I have done everything you have done. I have finally a solution that works.

I set Affinity on my CPU for both the CODEX pirate version & my paid for version and I get these results. (I did not need to set affinity on this old version, it worked fine, don’t ask me I don’t have an answer)

Min FPS 59.8
Max FPS 60.1
Average FPS 60.0

On My paid for ultimate edition game I get this

Min FPS 51.9
Max FPS 62.6
Average FPS 59.7

Custom ULTRA everything for both.

Here is a link to the screenshots described above. Forza 7 Troubleshooting - Album on Imgur

I did many affinity settings, Use only the physical cores (don’t touch the logical’s) My combo is 0,2,4,6
What did not work for me were 0,1,2,3 - 4,5,6,7 or 1,3,5,7. (0,2,4,6 is like a default standard setting) Also I use AMD 1800x 8/16 Cores -Adjust your affinity appropriately for whatever your CPU is. (UPDATE: I have it also running fine on only logical cores 12,13,14,15)****(UPDATE: If u have an intel CPU disabling core 0 only should work for you)

Seems to work either not good at all on multiple cores or … perfectly over 4 cores.

I hope this helps others. I know the frustration. Oh and affinity does NOT save, you must set it each time. Thanks Turn 10 development team.

(I must add, there is no stutter, nothing at all -this I think was the biggest problem for many people) (EDIT: There is a stutter approximately twice per lap, they are small and does not impact my game to a point that I want to not play, this was the situation before. Some track there are none, its intermittent)

UPDATE: Best settings for me are with core 0,2,8 enabled. Constant 56.1 Min FPS Avg 59.9 Max 61.2. -I tried about 30 variations. If you got Intel, then you should be fine just disabling Core 0.

UPDATE: 0,2,8 (3 cores) on big tracks like Suzuka or COTA causes a short 1-2 seconds freeze 1-2 times per lap -I think the 3 cores are not enough processing power, 0,2,4,6 (4 cores) This problem is gone

UPDATE: I put this together over the weekend. These settings below gave the best results, combinations with results of Min FPS below 50 omitted. Link to the screenshots here → Forza 7 Troubleshooting 2 - Best affinity settings combinations I can find for AMD 1800x - Album on Imgur

0,2,8 Min FPS 56.1 Max FPS 61.2 Avg FPS 59.9
1,2,8 Min FPS 56 Max FPS 62.5 Avg FPS 59.9
0,5,8 Min FPS 55 Max FPS 61.8 Avg FPS 59.6
0,2,6 Min FPS 53.3 Max FPS 63.6 Avg FPS 59.9
0,2,4,6 Min FPS 56 Max FPS 62.3 Avg FPS 59.9
0,2,4,6 then 0,2,8 Min FPS 56.3 Max FPS 59.9

Game was started once, then settings changed after each benchmark.

User post below “FullNietzsche” has the very best results, I have a feeling if I had an Intel CPU I could achieve the same results as FullNietzsche. Worth noting that disabling just Core 0 on AMD has no impact, unlike Intel. A few users with Intel have success with disabling only core 0. Me with AMD requires a working combination as listed above. It is somewhat telling how these two different CPU’s are built to operate. The pattern is easy to see, every so often the game while looking for processing from the CPU the Min FPS is affected.

It can be concluded that the settings for Intel & AMD reduce the stutter aggressiveness substantially and remove approximately 80% of the stutters (This game for me was not playable, now I play it often, it is not perfect, which of cause I would like. I don’t mind playing it now and get a good amount of enjoyment getting around SPA in any car.)

This page has helped a few users of both Intel & AMD, that is the purpose of this page after I found enormous amounts of misinformation & confusion regarding the dreaded “stutter” complaints.

I doubt there will be any further updates, I think I have gone as far as I can with this.

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Here is a video you might find helpful. Peter Jones - YouTube Before affinity settings the game is choppy, stutters & sluggish. I cant play it like this. After the affinity settings the game is immediately smoother, not choppy and the stutters almost non existent. Min FPS jumps from 39.2 to 53.1. The exact affinity settings you need depends, my settings might work for you. I played 14 laps of SPA last night and 4-5 laps there was ZERO jitter/stutter nothing at all. EDIT: It is intermittent, this track at times is zero stutter, then at other times there is 1-2 small stutters, not aggressive stutters and interrupting to the game-play.

Thanks for this, I will give it a try after I download the game again (which will take me 15 hours so not till tomorrow).

I uploaded a 2nd video of me playing 1 lap of Brands Hatch Rivals. My capture software is not good, the YouTube clip is showing a shaky video where it is not at all. Seconds where it looks shaky and is not 13-14, 23-25, 34-36, 52-56, 59-1:02, 1:14-1:16, 1:25-1:27 pattern continues till the end. Small spike at 29-30 & 1:28-1:29. After a lap the small spikes seems to go away for 2-3 laps at a time. Game is the same with track full of cars or empty. The 1st video I uploaded, I notice now that it is “shaky” at times where in fact it is not shaky at all. If you got an AMD 1700, 1700x or 1800x you could probably use my settings of 0,2,4,6. Both videos are very smooth, just captured looking not great, free software downloaded recently.

Okay I just tried it with various settings. I have an i7 4790K. Firstly I tried it on the default settings (ultra in game and didn’t touch the CPU affinity). It no longer stutters like in this video, is the first thing I noticed. It isn’t perfectly smooth on the frametime graph, but there are no spikes. I then tried 0,1,2,3 and it was worse. Then 0, 2, 4, 6 and was also worse. I then tried simply disabling core 0 but leaving the other 7 enabled and this was the best of all, I got min 59.5, max 60.4, avg 60 (for this test I ran at 60Hz and vsynced). I’d read about it being good for my CPU:

I don’t know how reproducible any of this is. But apparently the game itself is currently in a better shape than it was when I made the aforementioned video, at least on my system.

Update above at the #2nd post.


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