bad taste?

Turn 10 Studios has always been dedicated to pushing this franchise to new heights while delivering truly incredible experiences for car enthusiasts of all types. We would like to thank our community and fans, new and old, for their support in helping us achieve our goals.

I have been here for 7 years now, every new release i waited for and bought on day of release, knowing there would be teething troubles, waiting for release date, after release date of forza 2, going into my local game shop every other day asking if its out yet (33 years old at the time!)

Sorry turn 10 you have failed in your above statment. All you have acheived is how not to push in game money making methods, forza 4 was good, if i wanted a car from a car pack i went to the store front. now your just shoving them in my face. Is this a free game that relies on ingame purchases? no i paid £40 for this game! and i also paid £400 for the console just to play this game.

To say this has left a bad taste in my mouth would be an understatement.

and im sorry to say but if the track packs are paid for content this will probably be my last forza purchase :frowning:
Remember guys I and many others bought our XBOX one console to play forza in most cases this means a purchase of £400+

there was actually more cars and more tracks to choose from in your very first forza motorsport, now why have you gone backwards and taken them away from us.

If you want to be a free to play game with paid for ingame items, i have no problem with that, if you want to be a paid for over the counter game with a few paid for in game items i have no problem with that. But please dont try to be both. You have not even given me a product i can play fully yet! been trying to join an online race for over an hour now.

Just so you know i have all car packs from forza 3 and 4 including porche pack. i dont have a problem buying ingame content, i just dont want it rammed down my throat when im playing the game or browsing the dealership looking for my next car.


Well said

I have to say, as a die hard Forza fan since the first game, I’m starting to sense the flame burning out on this franchise. They’re digging their own grave, and have gotten warning after warning letting them know this. It’s really all about the formula. They know how to make a great game that is loads of fun, but their formula is all screwed up.

Without us, they’ll be just another bankrupt developer unfortunately. I’ve also purchased every game and car pack to date, and wish I didn’t feel so strongly in the way that I do.


I do agree that there are things missing from Forza 5 that would make it even better.

I don’t have the DLC and I don’t feel like its been shoved in my face. There is a couple of cars I wouldn’t mind driving that are DLC but I don’t feel like I have less of a game without it. DLC is being used more and more to keep the cost of the game down and allow developers to improve and add to a title post release. I would way rather spend $60-70 on a game and have the option to spend another $60-100 on additional content offered if I feel it’s worth it. It’s either that or spend $150 up front for a game that you may or may not be playing after a month.

Complaining you spent $400 on the XB1 is not a valid argument as there are other games out there and many many more to come. By that logic you should also be complaining about your $1000 tv $70 a month internet and $60 a year live membership that you pay in order to play Forza.

I have got way more than the $70 it cost me in entertainment.


How about the Mazda 787B, I didnt buy the VIP version and it seems I shot myself in the foot as in that class I can not be competitive, I have to fork out another £15 for VIP membership for one single car

DLC is used to help developers make more money but it isnt “to keep the cost down” a disk based game costs the consumer £50 its up to the developer how much content they put into that £50 and you would think it would be a fair amount, more and more we are seeing developers seem to be witholding content to release as DLC due to being able to get extra, now im not against developers making more money but what I am against is up having to pay more for cars to be competitive, not only it the 787B a case of it the Alfa 33 Stradale is also a pack only car so there only way to be competitive in the classes it falls in now is to buy the whole pack at £15 for just the one car …


Keep in mind Forza Motorsport was an original Xbox title. Turn 10 had nowhere near as much to work with graphically as they do now. I’m sure they had to practically redesign everything from the ground up to achieve the level of detail they put into this game. So, yes, there are several cars and tracks we had previously that aren’t offered now, but if they had tried to pack all of that in, the game would either not look as good, or have been delayed a LOT longer. I’m sure that would have left a worse taste in your mouth.

I do agree that browsing the car lot and seeing all the “You can have this if you pay extra for it!” got a bit annoying, but if you think about it, they did take a lot of time and effort designing these things and deserve to get something for all their work. I felt the price they asked for the car packs was fair, especially considering they are still releasing packs beyond the original 6 that the car pack covered and we arent paying more for them…anyway, buying a brand new console to play one game exclusively just sounds like you gave yourself a bad deal…

im still waiting for my first online race, gave up after 20 mins, i tried this several times, then gave up trying to connect to any games.

TG i would invite you to experience the way the system worked (and it worked well!) in the two previous games (forza 4 and 3), totaslly different to this method in use now, unfortunatly this is the biggest addition to the series, it has nothing to do with driving experince or racing, but how to add money to turn 10.

GT5 outsold FM4 due to them being clever, the game was not ready to be released so they released what was ready GT 5 PROLOGUE this was a budget game sold for £15 had about 40 cars and about 5 tracks, it got people playing the game. they were happy with it because they knew it wasnt the full game it was basically a playable demo. BUt they made it clear thats all it was. I think the full game was released about a year later.

Now if T10 had done something similar to that (GT 5 Prologue) for the xbox one and then released the full version in a few months time or even a years time, most of the comunity members would have been happy. Turn 10 dont have the best track record when it comes to meeting dead lines, and i suspect when sony forced the deadline even closer this is the result we have to put up with.

Forza 5 was meant to replace forza 4. It has failed to do that. I also have 70 other people in my car club that it has failed with as well (approx 30 have xbox 1)
I IMO they have not improved on FM4, they have taken away our cars, they have taken away our tracks and they have taken away our clubs, we are no longer able to have a storefront (at least not as far as i can see).

dont forget we are missing THE RING and FUJIMI, this means no decent cat and mouse, no soap box derby and no point to point races, with a game that has added “production rally” to the career mode this is a big mistake. Rally IS point to point racing, it is not curcuit racing.

There are also no fun little tracks to take a fun little car, 17 people racing smart cars made super lightweight, throwing them round ladera praying you dont roll, half skill… half luck, possibly more one than the other.

Remember this is a day one game, this is a flag ship game to show what the future of gaming is going to be. if this is the future of gaming there are going to be a lot of cheap second hand XB1 consoles hitting ebay and the trade in counters within a very short space of time.


these are my forza 4 stats:

time driven 407 hours
test driving 22hours
editing liveries 7hours
time spent upgrading 30h
tuning 7h
autovista 3h (only cause i wanted to see the warthog LOL)
store front 9h
auction house 4
time spent in menus 192h

Forza 3 stats (reset april last year)
time driven 71 hours
menus 61h
upgrading 4h
tuning 1h
editing designs 3h
auction house 4h
storefront 2h
test driving 2h

Total 148 (in 12 months)

Total time spent on game 829 hours! Yes i work full time, yes i have a partner.

So spending £400 to play a game for 800hours is good value for money. only in this case it would seem that its not good value for money, as im not actually playing the game and the game keeps asking me to spend more money.

now compare this to world of tanks and warface both free to play games, both hiding the request for money away under STORE, infact you have got to look hard to work out how to spend physical money on those games.

If i remember right i waited about 4 months (its being released this week! week after week) was the wait for forza 2, i would be happy to wait for something worth while and forza is a worth while wait

This game was meant to be the showcase game for the Xbox One. I have come to it almost 6 months after date of release, it sucks. If this is the payment method we have got to look forward to on other releases, soemthing needs to change, now that could be my console or it could be MS and T10 listen to our unhappy voices.

as for those who say its a new gen console the games will be more expensive to make, yes i agree with that and i have no problem paying more for a game at the point of sale, what i do begrudge is being asked for more money every time i play the game, and that is what it feels like when i see “do you want to pay in tokens”, that is just a way of converting real cash into somehting the game can read. As for every other car in the dealerships garage being DLC that is just plain stupid.


Roblade hopefully you can get racing online again soon. There’s lots of trouble shooting guides to help you out. Usually a hard reset of the XB1 and modem/router will get you back up and running.

As far as next gen gaming goes I feel they did a great job with the graphics and physics they put in. I do agree they did take out a lot of good things from previous titles. You can share your Tunes/designs but it’s not as user friendly as it was. Your not really able to make any meaningful money out of it tho. With how the auction house was abused I’m not surprised it was taken out, it is a great concept tho.

Tokens do seem like an incredible waste of money for their value in game. I can see how the pay with tokens pop up can be annoying thankfully the credits is default. For the amount people spent on season pass and VIP they do need that many DLC cars for them to get their moneys worth. while there is less cars in 5 than the previous titles and more would always be welcome I don’t feel like there is a lack of cars.

It is a day one game and developers will build and improve from it.


i hate when people say this, no you paid £400 to play this game and many other games. if you choose to only play FM5 on it than thats your choosing its not like your console only plays this one game.

and as for the “cramming the dlc down your throat” its simple the more people see the dlc the more people are likely to buy the dlc.


All well put valid points.
In conclusion it seems a majority deem FM5 a failure to its old brother.
I was pondering the free play concept/notion yesterday n i in my opinion agree that this title is more like a free play game then a full AAA title ive played from FM1 like alot of people and am about ready to blow out the candle on this franchise same with BF4 it seems that overall the games have gotten worse, as it is FM has no rival on the ONE…YET but that will change.


Honestly, the only bad taste I see here (and it has become quite the trend lately) is the self-righteous need for people to post a receipt of the time and money they’ve spent on the Forza franchise as some sort of entitlement voucher to create a personal thread for a topic that has been discussed to absolute death. Nothing like spouting off a load of in-game statistics to make your point more meaningful, right?

Anyhow … by virtue of playing Forza Motorsport, you are walking through the doors of Turn 10’s business. If they want to push more content via this structure, who are you to tell them otherwise? The day they show up at your front door selling downloadable content as if they were Girl Scouts is the day this thread would begin to make sense with its proverbial “shoved down my throat” talk. Until then, you still hold the power of consumerism by the gonads. Should you decide to effectively use it is your choice.

But, if you still insist Turn 10’s in-game sales pitch is too overbearing, allow me to ask you a few questions: how do you deal with playing a videogame where the virtual tracksides are littered with sponsored billboards, the digital vehicles you drive are part of the manufacturer’s strategy to market their cars to you, or the fact that the sport of auto racing itself is one giant cash cow for advertising dollars? To take it a step further, how do you deal with life when you step out the front door or when you go to a restaurant and are asked if that is all for your order? Heck, how do you survive the internet?

Oh well. I suppose the only thing we’ve learned from this thread - as opposed to the thousands of its same subject matter - is that without having to speak to the decision makers face-to-face, telling a decade-old company how it should operate because of your wealth of stick time is a cakewalk.


Point1- people have opinions argueing there opinion is wrong or stupid is well tbh stupid. There putting there feelings across nothing wrong with that there true fans n there let down, fanboys on the other hand im sick off they suck n blow and kiss what they can on devs while throwing away the concept of others opinions or any flaw in said product.

Point2 - fair point comes down to you buy it or not.

Point3 - irrelevent conpletely flawed statement on advertising thats not in debate.

Point4 -again irrelevent. A decade old company thats fan based and consumer driven should hold its fans and consumers interest and happieness as a key goal…regerdless of said stick time.
you forget FM1 was niche for its time and it was fan base that drove it! as a point where a game drops its fan care in favour of mass consumer sales.

This is a opinion based post not factual.

There are people who are disappointed but what about the people that aren’t? There are plenty of people myself included who are loving playing, and yes there are things I would love to have cars, tracks, features but I have hope that they will be in if not it’s no big loss at the end of the day it’s only a game and a way to connect with others from all over the world that is the point of it. I get people will always complain about whatever but why make new theads every time? Use one of the others!

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i agree peope myself incude still enjoy the game but im bitterly dissapoited in the franchise this is the best looking and feeling forza by far but its also in my opinion the most lacking in every other aspect. online/user content/general content. like i said ive played from FM1 im a fan but im not going to go silenty into the night when things are off.
you make a good point on the amount of threads made but honestly do you see a better way to get yourself heard its aways been the same and will always be. theres mods to lock and such in these cases.
theres aways going to be peope who dislike something thats a fact but this is a case of upset and dissapointment in something they actuay like . peope need to see that and open mindedly accept that. this isnt faming this or hating this is outright upset. As a community and as forza fans we should take on board there woes as we all may feel the same at some point we can a provide some sort of positivity and good spin on things without hostility or belittling someones opinion.


I think you summed up my thoughts exactly there, i love the single player side of the game, the graphics are stunning the cars are amazing. Have to admit i actually like Drivatar as well :slight_smile: But my personal favorite from FM4, the dashboard time clocks are the right time, that really did make me go WOW! On this version there are so many more cars with this little thing viewable :slight_smile: its little things like this that make this series stand out from every other race game. Unfortunatly people dont notice the little things :frowning:

Someone above said “there are thousands of posts” just like this, that is a lot of upset fans. When you see a tier 0 person complain about the game, ok thats generally taken with a pinch of salt. But with long term members myself a tier 4 and others even a higher tier than me. then there is something fundamentaly wrong somewhere.

forza 4
10 car packs =approx 15% of total cars in game.
(these were generally viewed as optional extras, the majority of these cars were for collectors or those wanting something a little different, the raptor, would never win any races, but boy was it good fun to drive, scare the beejeezus out of everyone at the first corner LOL)

forza 5
10 car packs= approx 30% of total cars the in game.
that seems a rather high figure and a quick glance at the leader boards tells me oh well im not going to be doing any decent leader board times any time soon, it was my understanding that DLC is there to enhance my gaming experience. not be an essential part of it. Basically my skill is not good enough to get me on the leaderboards…But my cash will get me on there!


Couldn’t have put it any better myself.

I’ve been a hardcore faithful through the whole franchise, but I’ve really been let down by 5. It has all felt very money driven, and can’t help but get the feeling that T10 have been going around with their fingers in their ears shouting LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU.

I can’t help but get the feeling that the community has been heavily ignored with this game. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 2 cars from the wishlist threads come to reality, and if you look on the Forza facebook page, the comments are nothing but a sea of unhappy customers, and the Nurburgring is still popping up regularly, though even if it is coming, I feel they’ve massively missed the mark on that now.

On one of the blog posts, can’t remember which, it was saying about how they’ve have really good feedback on the game, whereas from the perspective at the customer looking at all the social medias, it has been nothing but a flood of terrible feedback, and not a single thing that people have been complaining about has been rectified.

Overall very disappointed, I used to be crazy in love with Forza, but I feel like I’ve had the dirt kicked in my face with this one.


I do agree with, like I said I am disappointed with some aspects of the game well quite a few actually it just gets annoying seeing the same threads over and over. I’m a glass half full person so I’m focusing on the positives. Honestly didn’t think much of this pack been pretty happy so far but I thought what the heck and bought the cars and some are actually better than I thought. I wasn’t trying to bash anyone else’s opinion. Sorry if that’s what it came across as just would like to hear some positive comments

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yup…i love you! kudos +1 and any other of those type of replies

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Im lovin it , found a great bunch of people to race with from all over the world . Great work in my opinion Turn 10…