bad sportmanship reports, are they acted on?

Im not sure if this is the place to ask this but i am curious.

Its pretty tiring to get into online races and have people purposely leaning on me or others untill they crash us out. I just had 2 guys in the same club 1 would race as normal the other would hang back then wreck everyone untill it was his friend and him in the lead. If theres seriously no way to actualy punish such toxic gutter trash behavior one has to ask if online racing should be continued! Really

Do what I do, Host them yourself and turn on Non-Contact. Problem solved.


People do sometimes show up here on the forum whining about how they’ve been banned for ramming, so I’d say they are acted on, though I’ve no idea how consistently it happens.

If people complain here it is a ban by Turn 10 not from an xbox live report.

Yes, file the reports through the Xbox Dashboard for the unsportsmanlike behavior and Xbox Live’s Policy Enforcement Team (PET) will had out bans not just from the individual game, but off Live for a time. That gets the attention of the offenders. You know the gamertags, so Search them on the Friends area, and give PET a full description, including the game. Their employees can track those folks, observer them online and instantly issue bans from the service - especially if they talk back. :slight_smile:

If you have the accurate gamertag, in the Xbox One Dashboard, go to Friends, in the left column use either “Recent Players” or “Find someone” and put the tag in there. The same reporting system as above is in effect, and you can file the report there.

This sends a report directly to the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team which will investigate, maybe even visit and observe the offender during gaming sessions, and then ban that person from not just a single game but Xbox LIVE itself. It also is recorded against their reputation.

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Good to know someone is (probably) listening to my reports. I always feel like nothing is changing, so I should probably be a lot more specific haha.

so i will confess i was a bit fired up when i made my OP. I did submit a bad sportsmanship report on one of them. Its funny cause after a short while the one i did report vanished. But who knows maybe he had to go to school/work/wash the dishes or something mundane.

The best part was like half hour, an hour later the clubmate is still in adventure with us and suddenly you hear him barking over voice “blah blah why would you run into me you swear swear swear swear swear blah blah” cause apparently someone else was rubbing him for a race win (the clubmate came second). Man was i tempted to plug my mic in and tell him that maybe he and his clubmate should drive clean and others might do the same in return.

Gotta love a good hypocrite who can dish it but cant take it lol

Its not even like the ramming and bad drivers is a permanant thing. That was the only 2 people that i saw in an entire nights session who were doing it. I actually was racing with another clean racer and we had some good race offs with no rubbing and it was fun!