Bad experience playing online races

And here is why…

1.) Multilayer car physics are 30 ton tanks. Players ramming, blocking you from check points. Not even deliberately. The biggest fight for someone who can actually race, is just getting out in front. I know this is the case for like every online racing game that’s arcadey, just seems worse here.

2.) Players lagging and ruining races. Hell, sometimes they are ghosts and not because they crashed or reset. It’s like that’s how bad they lag. The lag is just awful. I thought a game like this would use azure servers, no? It should be smooth, not awful.

.) FPS stuttering. Might be related to really bad lag. Buy I’ve experienced being in a race and flying in a hyper car and the game ends up stuttering for brief periods of time. Sometimes when this happens, players behind me will all of a sudden speed up/teleport ahead of me. It feels like I drop frames.

3.) Mix the two above though and it’s awful as hell.

4.) For a game that boasts about cross country racing in hyper cars etc, why do small shrubs and wooden fences slow me down? If you’re going to be unrealistic, be unrealistic.

5.) Loading up the game completely puts you in a car meet. Just more unnecessary loading.

6.) Gotta drive to the next destination and everyone starts off… 30 seconds later it updates and now you’re in last place trying to get there. It’s like random when it updates. Do I stay here and hope I’m right? or speed off?

7.) No reset button. I love doing 30+ flips watching everyone speed past. Of course I accept I’m going to lose positions because of a wreck, but watching my car barrel roll for 10+ seconds isn’t cool, especially when you are leading the pack 10 seconds ahead.

8.) Joining games already in events. The worst if when you join a game and get a nice little notice of “sorry, the players are going to be playing an event soon, but not you.” Cool, thanks for making me join this game and take 3 minutes to load in doing so.

9.) No lobbies or the ability to do what you want, with hope of others joining you…

What I mean for number 8 is the fact that in online road trip is a gamble of what you’re going to be playing. I don’t mind that, but it gets old going through the above to play a game mode or car class you’re not interested in doing. Free roam is not a substitute for lobbies or matchmaking for different playlists, like just racing, for example.

You play free roam, you either play with friends or end up drag racing.

It may seem like I hate the game, but it’s the opposite. There are so many positives to this game, I just wish It worked. But the inability to enjoy online races, which is why I bought the game, is killing my enjoyment of this game fast.

Thank you for your feedback.