Backwards compatibility and Forza

So now that backwards compatibility is coming and is now actually available for preview program members, how likely is it we’ll see previous Forza titles as the initial line-up?

I’d like to think it’ll come along pretty early being a Microsoft game and all, maybe even early enough for preview members to play them sometime soon.

Hell, if someone from T10 wants to get it on there now I’d love to play something other than Viva Piñata for now.

Currently there is no list of coming games for the program. My personal opinion is they loaded some that were easy for testing the system, I would hope that now they are looking at games that are still popular on Live and going in that direction. I would love FM 4 to be one of the games but at the same time I am not holding my breath for any game.

in this video if you pause at 2:16 FM4 at 2:20 FH and at 2:46 you see FM2. They might just be scrolling 360 games but who knows.
I just wish they would make my Forza branded CSR work on the XBOX one, but I know I was never promised compatibility.

They do have a thread here where you can vote for games you want to see in sooner over later. Naturally though, the games that you’d expect to be there are in the top spots (Fallouts, Skyrim, CODs, Halo, etc.)

Edit: Looking at the thread, right now Forza Horizon is at the bottom of page 3, FM4 is bottom of page 4.

I need your help with this.

Lets up-vote Race Pro.

Come on everyone. I can only vote once, and I already did. We can do it. Lets all do out part to get it to the second batch.

Thanks for the link Jon, I made my vote count! I see there’s 20 items per page, so FH1 at the bottom of page 3 would make it 60th and FM4 at the bottom of page 4 would make it 80th. Not too bad considering Xbox is looking at supporting the top 100.

Anyone care to speculate on whether 360 games will display at a higher resolution on the XBO. The texture resolution just looks so low when I play FH1 after FH2. Higher resolution would really make it worth while.

Although this is Mass Effect and not Forza Horizon, the expierence may be the same. There are some who say that the game has been up-resed with the emulator, but I haven’t seen anything to support it. Anyhow…

It loads faster…

Here's more of the expierence...
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They do load faster. ME went much quicker and less lag in the videos for me.

A little off topic, but…

Do u ever think it will be possible to get forza2 achievements for car auction and online racing 1million credits with the possibility of playing on backwards compatibility?

As long as the auction house is still functioning, you should be able to. I know you can still play online races in FM2.

AH has been gone in FM2 for a long time now and can’t see it coming back with the backwards compatibility.

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That’s what I thought! Would love it to tho, as I have only 25 points left to get

Here we go.

Forza 3, Forza 4 and Forza Horizon backward compatibility confirmed via trailer @ gamescom2015


FH1 in september 2016 via backward compatibility

I just want to know how long it’ll be before I see it in my ‘ready to download’ list…

Came here to post this - whoo-hoo! Hopefully this means FM4 might show up some day …

Hopefully. But they still have big problems with ‘2-disc-games’ …

I thought they resolved it. My Red Dead Redemption works just fine.