Backup Saves?

Sorry if this has already been posted before, but the search function seems to be broken on mobile and couldn’t find any posts.

Is it true that trying backup up our save game files manually will trigger anti-cheat measures? Just being paranoid about losing my data as I’ve been seeing some posts on reddit about people losing all their data.

This would be extremely stupid so I don’t think so. However, don’t try to use the auction house glitch.

Yes, it most certainly will.

Why is that a thing? What if people lose everything they have worked for because of some glitch? Then what happens? You sumbit a ticket that takes who knows how long to get a reply to?

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You can thank the people that used to Sell all their expensive cars on the AH to another account and then reload their save and sell them back cheap.

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You can still do that even without reloading the save can’t you?

I forgot part of it now that I read it. After selling the 1st time they reload the save and they have the ORIGINAL CARS back again, like before they sold them. Had my glitches kinda mixed up I guess. Anyway, it was that kind of save abuse that caused thigs to get locked down more. All in name of saving the economy.

According to Microsoft, saves are made to both the player’s local hard drive and the cloud. In theory, if nothing goes wrong, backups shouldn’t be required. However things do go wrong and I have read several posts where players have lost data. The usual advice to them is to contact the game makers to see if they can help.

Personally I have two XBox consoles and alternate between the two. I therefore take some comfort in knowing that I have a recent good save on one of them. I’ve never had a problem with lost Forza data but with other games it works well.

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Definitely can atest this just happened to me. Lost everything locally. Can’t sync with the server and for all I know I may have wrote over it with a new game. I’ve got a ticket in but you can imagine losing a profile I’ve been regularly using since launch would be catastrophic. Definitely will not play this game again unless I can get my profile saved.

Expect to be banned for doing something which should normally be pretty reasonable.

I use GameSave Manager to backup all my game saves (including FH4) and I’ve never had a problem. It automatically backs up to the Xbox servers, but it’s never bad to have additional backups.

If you close your game properly (always quit out of the game when you are done and do not leave it running) and refrain from hitting cancel when it says syncing data this should not be a problem that you really need to worry about. It could happen sure but it is pretty unlikely and a lot of times it is due to user error about which is the current save when it asks. If it has not been an issue in the past I would not worry. If you have the PC version you can sync it there as well. I think if you had a save on the PC and for some reason the Xbox save gets lost you could recover the local PC save. When you start the PC version after losing data on the Xbox I expect the PC would ask if you wanted to use local or cloud save at that point. Never had to try it so just a theory. I usually sync to PC after a game update just to make sure everything is ok. Microsoft should setup a better system. On PS4 you can backup everything as long as you have plus. I would stay away from 3rd party products that can do this. You are taking more of a risk doing that.

Yeah. My experience is the game tends to wipe itself and require a sync after a major patch or in this case a new expansion. This prompted me to pick 2 saves. One saved on the 12th and one on the 7th. Well the one on the 12th was a blank game. So I unfortunately picked the wrong one and it wiped out ALL of my progress. Support did give me a ton of rare cars, 300 million credits, and 100 super wheel spins but sadly it still doesn’t really cover all that I have lost. Credit wise it is definitely more than I ever had. I think I earned something like 100-200 million credits. I’ve bought all the homes and had 600 cars.

Definitely hurts my interest in continuing to play this game. Just watch out on those syncs. You can be screwed real fast.