backup problem / server FH4 / sound and crash

Hello to you .

I look to you today for a number of reasons. I first apologize for my English, but I will do my best.
I want to clarify above all that it is the first time that I buy the license Forza by wanting to please me I bought myself the ultimate version.

First point: Recurring backup problem. I explain, when I want to change a vehicle or when I want to take a free, it indicates a problem of backup even see a problem of server FH4. That tells me anyway, I can ride with. But that’s all ! if I leave the game and come back, the transactions are canceled.

Second point: I have already disconnected from the game for the following reason: ‘’ Lack of content ‘’
Everything is up to date whether it is my computer, my drivers, and the game.

Third point: It has happened to me that the sound of radios in games sizzles. I want to say that my headphone is plugged in before and that it makes me that on FH4

Fourth point: I installed my games under D (not having the place on C) But when I pass on GeForce Experience, it is put on C. I do not understand why .

For a version at $ 150 cad I am disappointed for the first time that I try Forza. I do not particularly enjoy playing if every day I have to start the progression of the previous day.

I hope I have been clear and understandable enough in my remarks and I will do my best to answer you.