Backfiring. What's with all of the cars backfiring when you let off the throttle?

I find the constant backfiring incredibly distracting. I feel like there is something wrong with my cars. Anytime I decelerate there’s an annoying backfire sound and visual. Am I alone in this complaint? Who thought that was a good idea to throw in? I want names.

Any car with more pressure in a shorter exhaust system will backfire.

I repeat, ANY car that is running rich, will produce unburned fuel, and when you lower the pressure, MORE unburned fuel escapes.

Also… Are you playing this game in 3rd person camera? You are truly shorting yourself on handling and immersion if so.

I was just going say… I hear it but can’t see it, looking out the windshield!

Some cars just do that anyway, you just never notice it with stock exhaust systems. It is also very common with real race cars. My real life car is a 98 Subaru Impreza RS, and the exhaust pops sometimes when I let off the throttle. I just started playing FH3 the other day, so I haven’t noticed of the cars backfire more with better engine upgrades or not.

It’s called AFTER fire not back fire - back fire is when the engine fires back up through the intake, and that’s BAD. AFTER fire is when it pops out the back, because the unburnt fuel in the hot exhaust pipe reaches fresh air at the exhaust tips, and ignites and POP POPITTY POP POP. I love it. A lot of cars these days are being programmed to dump fuel in to the exhaust every time you let go of the accelerator just because it’s the current “cool” trend.

So that’s why most cars in the game are doing it. Just like most racing games used to always use blue flames out of the exhaust because that meant REAL FAST BRUH!

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I drive either with the hood view or in the cockpit.

I am a GM and ASE certified auto technician. I’m 46 years old. I’ve been building, repairing and tuning real cars and motorcycles since I was a teen. This is a backfire. Afterfire occurs after you turn an engine off. Edit: I stand corrected. There is some debate about what is considered backfire and what is afterfire. That is not what this post is about, so I will leave it at that. Another topic can be opened about that if desired.

In the game, even a factory stock car exhibits this backfiring. Those cars surely have correct length exhaust systems which provide the proper back pressure. I mainly run carbureted engines in the game, which when properly tuned, do not dump fuel on deceleration.

None of these cars should be running so rich that unburned fuel is being ignited in the exhaust.

It’s stupid, distracting, and quite annoying.

… it’s a video game.

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Then I should find it fun and not annoying.

Small somewhat unrelated fun fact: back pressure is a myth. Run an engine with dyno headers or zoomies on an engine dyno vs. with a full exhaust system and the air to fuel does not change and there is no power or torque loss.

They put in the unrealistic backfires because it adds a bit of action and excitement for those who have no real automotive knowledge. Because most people only know that “fast cars shoot fire all the time, just like in the fast and furious”.

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