Back to Forza! Tuning teams from previous Forzas and some questions

Hi everybody!

I played Forza 2 and 3 in X360 and enjoyed a lot. I used to create some tunes myself but most of the times I used to borrow tunes from this forum in a time where “famous” tuning teams posted their cars with details, photos etc, and make them available in the game, sometimes free sometimes with credits.

I´m not good at tuning cars myself, so those tunings were crucial for me to enjoy the game in multiplayer.

But no that Im back to XONE and to this amazing Forza 6, I´m not finding those posts with tunes, with search words, with car pics etc…

Can anyone tell me which are the best tuning teams to start grabbing some tunes to enjoy multiplayer? and what key words to search?

I know, tuning your own cars is also fun, etc, etc, but don´t have the time I had when I was younger and played Forza 2 and 3 unfortunately…

Thanks in advance!

A quick browse through this section of the forum should answer all your questions, dude.

Already did that…

I´m just asking if the way tuning groups posted their new tunes with pictures of the cars, paint, tune, lap times and so…is no longer happening…

And, as after checking the forum I´m seeing those type of post, Im asking directly, names of tunes to search for…


That died after FM4.

The new sharing mechanism which some genius thought was better than the storefront made it difficult to quickly find shared tunes and paints.

Many realized quickly there was no point in putting in the effort to do these reveals. FM6 continued with the failures of FM5 because apparently someone is hard headed.

At this point, practically all of the tuning groups are extinct.


That´s what I wanted to know, thanks for the answer…damm, I loved the posts the tuning groups used to have announcing cars…driving them was a pleasure…

And that “practically”, who are they?, or can anyone share a list of names to search for good tunings?

I liked reading them too.

PTG for a bit was doing these classic posts, but what you see now is mostly just tunings by individual players.

The people posting tunes on here are no slouches though. You should be able to find all you need for lobbies at the minimum. For leaderboard tunes, go to the specific leaderboard and download whatever shared tune is available.

The problem with searching is that in game even if you know your favorite tuners, there’s no way to know if they have a tune shared for that car unless by chance they have it noted on here. Sometimes they will appear in the suggestion menu if they are a favorite, but if they have multiple tunes for one car, usually you won’t see them all.

I miss it so much! I miss all of the garages and all of the competitions between the garages. It was always so cool to see and read in the forums. Some of the ads were spectacular. I have posted the last one that I created for a release of mine with PTG Mimic in the paint booth.

I miss all of it though. Friday’s were always a big day for new tune and paint releases. It was exciting to wait for and it also filled the lobbies with new tunes and paints every weekend. That is also how I met so many people. I am still out there in the lobbies. If you ever see me let’s talk!


Thanks for your reply! definitively those fridays were epic…later searching for the tune and paint and giving them a try, to realize almost always what a job they had done with the car…

I´ll try your tunes Spo1led Jam1e…I started yesterday playing Forza again since several years out of videogaming, so long road ahead to make credits to buy parts hehe.

See you out there!

Well those look like a good ol’ time. Never played forza 4 or below but I have held my own on 5 and 6. Our garage is in my signature if you would like to take a look at some of the tunes. I gave up trying to upload pics to this site for the car because its to clunky.

I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers here, so please keep the insults to a minimum. Exactly what is preventing the “community” from doing this? You can: share the paint, share the tune, organize and host events.

The leaderboards are still there, are they not? What is preventing teams from organizing competitions?

I will agree that the loss of gifting has made collaberating on tunes and paints more dificult, but it is not impossible. It seem to me it’s more a lack of effort on the part of the “community” than T10 removing a few features. If I remember correctly, back in FM2 the “community” created itself. Just something to think about.

Nobody liked the additional effort needed to make it work, terrible searching feature, lack of auction house (more so for painters), lack of gifting, and lack of competition among teams due to no way of knowing who is the best resulted in the mess we have now. Add in the fact that its very difficult to track how well your stuff is performing and overall lack of recognition for great work and it leaves you with people who have little motivation to be active.

The community responded by turning away from T10 due to T10’s focus on making the game one dimensional.

Personally I could care less about HLC’s or tuning competitions revolving around classes/cars/tracks I don’t like. Why should I bother getting high up on the leaderboard if a high spot is irrelevant for the most part. I don’t have the motivation to care. Take my attitude and apply it to some other aspect of the community a certain player loved and you’ll get to the same conclusion…why should I care if I receive no benefit?

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Like you said gifting is whats killing this. The reason I don’t post up pics like I did in 5 is its just so dang clunky trying to get everything to work. I also have no artistic talent what so ever so I stick to tuning and not designing lol.

Yep, those were the good old days for Forza, they nuked too much in Forza 5-6 in terms of community activities. Longevity isn’t there anymore… hope things change in Forza 7, but I doubt it will.

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Inability to gift has made collaboration between tuners very difficult and for painters impossible. So everybody has to operate as an independent.


Sad, cause great things happen with collaboration.

@ Spoiled Jam1e Luv that pic. Simply awesome!


This was the start of making the game a single player experience instead of a team game.
Such a shame they killed the community, this place was awesome back in the day even with all the drama :blush:

Keep an eye out for tunes by bam, ptg, emw, Onr, tpr, rpm, ers, spoiled jamie, rosney, race boy, gtfoot.

There’s actually another whole thread with people listing their favorite tuners.

Hlr? Many #1s still standing tuned by our bunch of hero’s and many copied to take them also.

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RPM doesn’t exist anymore as far as I’m aware. The lack of forzastats ended this team though we are all still friends. I haven’t changed my name because 1. I’m cheap, 2. I like the way it looks, and 3. There’s no point in joining a new team since hotlap team battles are nonexistent it seems.

Sorry toffo and anyone else I forgot. HLr is definitely still going strong.

Swerve, I completely blame t10 for this. They have catered to the casuals so much and destroyed and sense of competition that none of the hardcore players have a reason to play any longer.

Leagues are basically based on participation, there’s no measurable way to check leaderboards so I have no reason to hot lap or tune. Havery done a few 3rd party race series but that’s about all. Too bad forza can organize leagues to actually have meaning.

I’ve now gone elsewhere where leaderboards mean something or the leagues are real leagues with points that aren’t based on participation like iracing, raceroom, pcars, etc.

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