B FIFE22's Forzatography

So much to do in this game but I’ve managed to take a few photos so far!

When this shot was seen by me, I knew what one was going to be chosen as my favourite.

100% agree with this, great shot and definitely stands out.

I really like the last shot of the newest update! Very cool angle.

Hi B Fiffe22 Nice start! I really like the first Alfa shot. Well done!.. I look forward to seeing more when you get back to it. Cheers. torque99 :+1:

I am liking the compositon and lighting in shot number 5.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Great shots, but that second one has such exceptional lighting that you’d easily say it was a real life photo. Look forward to the next update.

Great use of the winter season!

While I like the first three shots. One shot that could of been so much more is this one. While not much else could of been done to make it better. One thing, that could of been changed is making sure any distracting objects are no where to be seen.

Right what object am I talking about. In my view if you knocked down the bollard or setup the car in such a way, it couldnt be seen. Then it would of made the shot even better. Anyway with those thoughts out of the way it’s time for me to head out. So until next time. Have a good weekend.