B class sleepers

Anyone tunning a B class car that nobody uses??? If so i would like to be part of it…

Currently im working on a srt4 neon for silverstone international. I ran a 1:12.6xx and i know a better driver can take it into the 11s. I have come close but with penalty i ran a 1:12.2xx

I was thinking of building a car for any of the vir online courses. Not sure what tho…

Any recommendations? I prefer cars nobody uses. Or rarely see online.

Great job and run with this “sleeper”! I built on dup and gave it a run at SI for a 12.1xx, should be able to run an 11 with a little more turn-in from the car.

As far as VIR recommendations, assuming you’d prefer a “sleeper”, not sure, yet, will think about it and see if I can come up with something.


I actually recently built a Abarth Essesse sleeper car its a drag b class and I built it for leaderboards and it got me number 38. But now I’m using a ford coupe. Just search it up SneakiestYew396 by the gamertag it should show up.

I find that a lot of players of B class use imports leaving a ton of B class sleepers out there. I have several tunes made for B class cars since it’s one of my favorite classes, I’ll share them if you ask. They are all Chevy or Pontiac cars and some the best are my IROC Camaro and '70 Camaro z28.

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