B Class Rockets!

Hello All!

As we know B Class racing is one of the most popular classes in Forza, it is basically the equivalent to A Class in FM4 and has never changed in terms of excitement!

So the question is, what cars do you all drive in B Class that are not usually used but are still very good and keep up well with the ‘faster’ cars?

My favourites have got to be the following:

Audi S1 - Firstly the Audi S1 is one of the best hot hatches to drive in terms of handling, it is one of the best cars with a 4WD system around the turns, it will never complain! What a brilliant car, even with the 4WD system it doesn’t bog down and still has enough HP to keep up with the big boys!

Ford Focus RS (2003) - Now this is an underdog, the raw sound you get from this car is sublime and in addition to that very good in the twisty bits. There is nothing like having a brilliant handling FWD car - it wants to be driven and once you do, in return it will give you podiums.

Cadillac Limo - Yes, my weird choice is one of excellence. One car that I have won many races with but sadly won’t win anymore due to being removed from the list due to silly rammers. However, keep it FWD and get the Audi V10 in it, then you will gain a brilliant car. Understeer can be a problem but just power out of it and you will be fine, absolute dream to drive. Weirdly.

So there are 3 of my choices that I think are quite good in B Class yet don’t get chose as often as others. Lemme hear yours!

I saw a guy the other day use a Limo on the Monza Grand Prix Circuit, it was in the B Class Sim League. He was very fast with it too. It was fun and frustrating at the same time because he really had some problem going through the chicanes so catching him there wasn’t a problem but, passing him there was another story. That was the frustrating and fun part.

Back to the main idea of the post. I generally use Trans Ams like my Signature states. I have had 3 of them and I use the 77 the most. But, I will use the '73 for rain and tracks where handling is king like the slippery tracks. The '87 is really nice for the higher speed tracks where acceleration doesn’t come into play as much as speed does. The '77 is a good mix of both with the best accelof the 3. The other 2 T/A’s I do not use as much I should use them because they are great too but, I just do not use them that much. Maybe I will use them today.

The '69 Dodge Charger is a surprisingly great handling car too and very quick off the line too. With good top speed for the most part. It is a fun car to swing around fast corners because it will slide without logging down and losing speed.

I will also use the Shelby Cobra on the Rio Mountain Circuit because the tune I made I can keep it in 3rd gear all the way around it is a awesome car to use at most any track too.

,*On another side note, whoever with T10 decided to put the Rio Mountain Circuit in frequent rotation in the Sim League is an evil person. No pit lane, narrow fast corners, short lap lengths, and 10 laps is a brutal combo!

^ This. Evil is not the word I would chosen though…

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