B class needs to be renamed S2000 Cup

In the league play its S2000 followed by the field, not seeing reason to drive anything but that.

S2000 isnt unbeatable… go build a genesis :slight_smile:


in the b class hoppers last night i noticed the s2000 were 3 or 4 seconds faster than everyone on nearly every race.

so i made a mental note of the times and tried using several different cars and tuning to best it, and i just couldn’t. and it’s not me, i was consistently leading the pack behind the s2000.

it’s the 04 s4 all over again.

It’s just a LB car, not broken like the mini. I don’t think it should be any surprise that people choose thier strongest car in the leagues.

There’s a few other strong cars too. Supra seems to do well.


The Mini is the only car that I have seen in B Class that is literally unbeatable even with a mediocre driver at the helm.

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I’m fond of the 190E Merc, but I do recon it’s no match for the S2000 on the faster tracks like Monza.

It’s the first car that’s been figured out. It’s the classic monkey see monkey do effect.

Other cars will be making waves once people start moving from the cars they’re familiar with.

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Well in a League format I would expect people to drive their fastest cars. Standard lobbies would be more of a oddball type relaxed scenario.


I’m making it my quest to find anything but an S2000. The 91 M3 has been good and won me races lots of podiums, but gonna keep looking.

I’ve personally found the 190E to be extremely competitive in the B class leagues, but the S2000 does seem to be the fastest choice at the moment. Give it a week and another LB car will be discovered.

I have an M235i that I set up that has no trouble running with the S2000s on tracks where grip is more important than power. (Laguna, Bernese, Catalunya, etc)

GT86 and BRZ are good as well for B class.


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My BRZ is pretty competitive, and with the s2k I noticed a lot of people use them, but how well they do depends on the driver and the tune. The mini cooper on the other hand…

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Shelby has a nice B class car as well as Acura. I’vedone just fine with both. The 190E is good as well

The BRZ seems to be really good, I enjoy running it on short, technical tracks. I made a fairly good RC F tune for B class that is not to bad for some tracks with nice straights, CoTA, RA, Sebring etc. I agree, the S2000’s are very quick, but there will be others coming to the surface soon I’d imagine.

Like phoxxy10 I like my Shelby 427. I’ve been able to out power some S2000s with it. I just have to play defense in the turns :wink:

I run the coupe and run pretty good. Only seem to not keep pace with the MINI, The MINI is a gimmick car anyway.

I’m the only one running an 02 camaro, it’s pretty fast especially on speed tracks in the pinnacle league. Download my tune lol.

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Quite liking the Lancia 037 Stradale myself…

Very fine handling car.

Responds well to tuning also.

I didn’t have any issues keeping a s2k behind my b class 95 mustang cobra r

While the S2000 is a leaderboard car for the class, I have been seeing other cars go faster in the right hand on certain tracks. In fact, all of the S2000s in my lobby (myself included) were beaten fair and square by a Buick around Monza, and an old Mustang was competing for wins at a few other circuits.

Based on the laptimes I’ve seen, the S2000 is a strong car but doesn’t pull the 5 second a lap gaps the Minis are capable of.

Also bear in mind that it’s still early days and people are figuring out optimum builds and tunes; there might be an even faster car out there (not seen anybody run a Lotus Elise yet) and it could simply be a case that people found the S2000 first.