B class clean racing

been racing since fm4. used to do a lot of touge racing on fujimi with a great group of guys from tougeunion.com. since there is no fujimi we are going to be using nurburgring as a kind of “touge.” we race mostly bclass but we also run aclass. for those that dont know what touge racing is here are the basics: its usually 1 v 1. one car starts in front while the other car lines up behind. the lead car must outrun the chasing car by 150ft or more by the time they cross the finish line to win. the chasing car must overtake the lead car and hold that position across the finish line to win. if the lead car cannot outrun the chase car or the chace car cannot overtake the lead car then the two switch positions and race again until there is a winner. contact is not permitted during the race. we also do regular circuit racing as well. if anyone is interested plz msg me on xbl. my gt is igottem2slime