Awful performance - 6800XT, R7 3700X, 16 gb 3200 mhz @4k

When all is on ultra or extreme the game does run well in the open world.

But when i drop into dirt races or cross country it sometimes drops all the way down to 30 fps.

I have to turn settings down to a mix of high and ultra. Really disappointed with the performance with these kind of specs

I got a 6800 XT + R7 3700X and 16 gb of 3200 mhz RAM. The game did notify me that i was running out of RAM, but i have seen other people report that 16 gb of RAM was no issue

6800 XT - Alright, but it ain’t no 6900 XT
3700X - Rubbish. The game is much more CPU demanding than FH4 and makes good use of all threads.
16GB of 3200Mhz RAM - That is the minimum the game demands. I saw the game use over 50% of my 32 GB 3600 Mhz RAM in some situations - Can seriously tank your FPS and cause stuttering issues if you don’t have enough RAM.

You also need to accept that the FH5 is much more demanding than FH4 was, playing at 4K will seriously tank your FPS especially in areas as you mentioned which have high density of vegetation, terrains, volumetric fog etc which even cards such as the 3080 struggle to keep up with at 4K. But your ‘old-gen’ CPU and RAM, i suspect, is bottlenecking your 6800 XT.

Use a benchmarking tool with an overlay to look at your CPU Usage, GPU Usage, VRAM Usage and RAM Usage whilst in the highly demanding areas to see what is being maxed out, upgrade it from there, and so on until you reach the FPS you desire.

Also have a look at your thermals whilst in-game as high temps will definitely reduce the performance of your hardware.

What an absolute load of drivel. The 6800XT is literally the recommended GPU for this game, and the 3700X is only 100MHz slower than the 3800XT which is also the recommended CPU. OP is having issues, as most of us are, because the game is buggy as all heck, and in desperate need of optimizing, as are the various GPU drivers. His hardware should be more than enough to run this game at decent framerates, and at the highest settings.


16GB and the 3700X are plenty for this game. Also at 4K the game is GPU limited, not CPU.

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Ignore the guy reviewing your PC specs. Lots of people are having optimization issues with FH5 atm including myself. Despite running the benchmark on ultra and at 75fps, the game itself runs quite poorly. Lod problems, low stream error etc.

I think we’re stuck waiting for either a patch from forza or a driver update for the gpu. You can try rolling back your drivers to an older version but it may or may not do anything. Personally I’m waiting.

Correction. Tt only happens in dirt / offroad races when behind opponents. Then as soon as we go back on to the road it goes all the way up to 100+ fps

I also tried on my ultrawide 3440 x 1440 and no issues there. But on my 4K TV it drops all the way down and my GPU usage is very low too.

Yeah what #2 posted is utter rubbish

Weirdly enough, I seem to not face any of these performance issues. I’m playing at 1080p on max (Extreme) settings on a Ryzen 5 2600x, 16GB 3000Mhz ram, paired with an RTX 3070, and I’m getting around 120+fps.
Is it maybe because I’m on windows 11?

I believe there is still some headroom to further optimize the game…

I haven’t been able to play through ever after I got the E: 1045-0 error code… :frowning: