Aventador & Ultima GTR Tunes

I need a tune for the GTR that can get it up to 270+, I can never get mine to go the fast :confused: And I also need a good all around tune for the Aventador.

Race transmission and slide the slider all the way to the left.
Drop the ride height to the lowest, lower the rear springs to around 25% - 35% of what they were originally. Set bump to 1.5 and rebound to 11.5. Then change rear toe to -0.5 and you should be good.

Or get into the car in game, go to load upgrades, and do a search by class (X Class) and look at file names and descripton. There is no shortage of 270+ Ultima builds for speed cams. For racing, Iā€™d set it up way differently.

Ok, Thanks :slight_smile: