Aventador headlights texture bug/error

Hi all.
I really love this game and one of my favourite cars is the Lamborghini Aventador. The headlights looks as if they are broken or crashed whatever you want to call it in certain light and I cannot over look this.
I really hope turn 10 fixes this error and many others like it.

The window panes are also incorrect.
There is also another texture error with the wheels of the 458.

I was in a race once and when the AI aventador brakes from far away you can see the lights but they are white, and when you go nearer then they switch to red lol, not sure if that was fixed or not

Lol yea. There are a lot of texture bugs and they can really be off putting…

Yea, if it was in Fm5 its unlikely it’ll be fixed in this, hope fm6 has these bugs corrected

They might take a look at the aventador lp700-4 when they hopefully add the lp720-4 later a dlc😀