I think it would be something cool to walk the walk and make your own doll the way you want, it would be very good for the social side. The game brings a premise parties and races, it is only fair that you can also enjoy the festivals in the events. Think about it in Horizon 3, because the game would win goty for sure with this choice of avatar. Sorry my english.

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As much as it would be neat to have that option, I think Playground wanted to focus more on the cars of the game which are the true characters. The avatar is there just to fill the void in the storyline.

An avatar won’t make a racing game GOTY. (Read : Test Drive Unlimited)

That was one of the better features of TDU and Horizon 2 should steal it. It would be cool to have events to go to as well, there are some beautiful vistas in Horizon 2 I’d like to get out of my car to see. I don’t think Horizon 2 should be like GTA or anything, the focus should always be on driving, but having that little bit of customization would go a long way to making it a much better driving game. After all, people use cars to go places, not to just stay in their cars.

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I agree being able to get out and walk around a nice place and checking out my car in front or next to something cool would be a good Idea… Even if it was like forza Vista where you where just in a camera view… But as not to pause the world around you like pausing for a pic… Just my 2cents


they added car shows whats a car show if you cant get out and look I don’t think they call them car shows but something to the effect where you can see other peoples cars and take the design maybe put this on the wish list post this kinda goes along with a working gps monitor and heads up displays on the cars that have them it would make the game that much more unique and better

At this point, where Turn 10 & PG are busy trying to repopulate missing features onto the XO, I think this will be a very low priority on thier list. :stuck_out_tongue: