Automatically looking back whenever accelerating (PC with wheel)

The first time I tried to making a custom wheel profile (Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2.5 + BMWGT2 wheel) the screen would automatically flip to looking backwards whenever I accelerated. If I let off the accelerator it would then look forward again. Obviously I can’t drive looking out the back of the vehicle.

The issue miraculously fixed itself after a few days of messing around with setting and restarting the computer/game and was fine for about a week, but now it’s randomly started happening again and I can’t get it to stop.

When I use the default BMWGT2 profile it works fine and continues looking forward when I accelerate. I could just use the stock BMWGT2 profile but it’s horrible, there are no buttons defined for even basic things like accessing the map, start menu, online events, etc so I’m constantly having to grab my keyboard to do anything. Of course the game won’t let you make changes to that profile, either.

So far I know:

  1. The wheel itself is not sending any incorrect signals (works fine on stock BMWGT2 profile and is working correctly with all other games) so it has to be Horizon that’s the issue
  2. I changed NOTHING when it started happening again. Simply started up the computer, turned on the wheel and loaded up Horizon the same way I always do.
  3. In my custom profiles, all “look left look right” etc options are undefined, so it shouldn’t be looking around no matter what the input signal.
  4. I’ve even tried defining “look forward” to the same input as my accelerator pedal, but then every thing is flipped (e.g. it looks back as soon as I let off the accelerator and forward whenever I step on it).

Someone please help!! When it’s working well I love this game but honestly this issue is making me hate it!! I’m running out of ideas here and am so frustrated I can’t just play the game.