Australian Club Spec Racing Series 26/4

Club Spec Racing Series

6 Week Series

Road Atlanta
Prague Short
Le mans Bugatti
Yas Marina North Corkscrew
Catalunya National

Choose your standard cars in D/C/B and modify to B540 MAX PI.
There will be an overall Winner of the series.
Also winners of the separate classes.
If you win a race you must Retire your vehicle and choose another for the next race night.
If you do not win a race you can retire your car but are not forced to do so.
Safety Cars and Power Handicaps will be in use.
The car you qualify in for the race night must be the only car used for the 3 races.
Retired cars can not be used by the winners for the rest of the series.
You are eligible to use a retired car if you have not won a race.
Standard Engines are preferred although you can swap.
No switching between classes if you choose to run c class cars you run c class for the whole season.
Two drivers can not race the same car, to secure a vehicle comment on the race nights.

Night Setup
Q1 - 10 minutes
Race 1 - 20 minutes Qualification result grid order
Race 2 - 15 minutes Reverse grid race 1 results with power handicaps
Race 3 - 30 minutes finishing positions race 2 grid 1 pit stop with power handicaps

Sunday 8pm 26/4 - 3/5 - 10/5 - 17/5 - 24/5 - 31/5

PI - B540

Numberboard to be Clearly displayed on each door and one on bonnet


GT -
Car -
Class -
Night -

Less than a week to go before the start of what looks like a fun series. Select a car that would be a likely entrant in any club racing series and build it up to B540 max.
The starting class of the car from stock is your racing class for the series, can you be the class champion?

Anyone from Australia that love their racing should get involved in this. Sunday nights starting 8pm Round 1 this weekend.

Come join the guys on OZFM or post gamer tag here and one of the mods will game invite you on the night.

Be there!