August Monthly Rivals Events?

Are there going to be a new set of monthly rivals events for August? Not very “monthly” if we are continuing Julys events in August… just saying.

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Was thinking the same thing. It would be great if t10 gives us any info on upcoming changes in multiplayer hoppers.

Can any1 tell me if there are going to be any new rivals or is that it now forza horizon 2 is coming out

They have been a bit late sometimes in adding new Rivals at the beginning of each month, so don’t loose hope yet.

hmm anything that we regular forum goers post is all speculation right now all we can really do i guess , i hope they support fm5 for at least a full year . but with a new game from T10 and playground games looming around the corner … last month could have been the end of event updates and content from T10 . but again this is a guess and i hope im wrong .

honestly, i don’t think that the upcoming release of FH2 will affect the FM5 rivals events in any ways. Firstly, T10 mainly oversees the development of FH2, as its their license, most of the development will be done by Playground Games. Secondly, FH2 is targeting a different bunch of gamers, i dont believe that T10 will cease FM5 support just to get people to move over to FH2. And third, setting up a new Rivals event doesn’t take much effort, its basically just creating a new leaderboard and setting the restrictions. There should be enough resources at T10, even after FH2 release.

DLC is another story though, but no one knows whats on their product roadmap.

As someone already mentioned, T10 is a bit late with monthly rivals refresh recently, guess we just need some patience. Or the new rival event will be related to DLC or upcoming Real World events and is going to be scheduled accordingly.