Audio voice issues...any help?

A friend and I normally play in private lobby sessions. Two days ago, in the middle of a race, I was booted (that happens rarely, but it has happened before). When I came back to the lobby the audio cut out on our headsets. Since then, we cannot hear each other. On my side in the lobby I see both mike icons blinking when we speak, but hear nothing. On his side he sees his mike blinking but not mine, and also hears nothing. The races run fine, so it appears we have very good Internet connections.

We have tried reboots, different headsets and checked our Internet settings. Are there any settings to check or fixes we may be missing?


I have had similar issues… Try the settings menu on your console, go to sound settings and if you have headset connected by optical or HDMI set accordingly. various chat options can be adjusted. Hope this helps.

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