Audio slider for background environmental sounds ?


I’m playing Forza on PC and while I’m waiting between the multiplayer races, I usually watch a Youtube video… So obviously I disabled the music from Forza but there is still these background sounds of a crowd in the distance, horns and a guy shouting in a megaphone. That’s quite irritating, and I can’t turn off these since they’re attached to the master volume only.

Is there a workaround about this ?

Thank you,
CPP Meister


Yeah I noticed that in headphones you really pick up the background noise in races. Kind of distracting at full volume. I like them but yes its a lot. Also I noticed that in the menus the garage noises are WAY to loud in headphones. Especially when I’m modding cars and such for a long time. Gets annoying. Also In FH3 you have the option for your car engine volume. FH7 dosn’t have that. Id like to have those two controls to get a good mix. I’m an audio guy so this is a big deal haha


There is sliders in sound settings page for those sounds.

I’m on PC, and there’s no slider for that. Go on the main menu, there’s all these garage sounds, people drilling and stuff, put down every sliders available but the master one in the audio options and pay attention. The garage sounds won’t flinch, and so won’t the background sounds in a race.