Audio Setting to turn up Engine Sound?

I’m trying to turn up the engine sound without turning up the sound in general.
Is there a setting for this that I’m missing? I know Horizon 2 has it, I seem to remember doing this is 4 and 5.

You’re not missing anything, there is no individual adjustment. Discussed here at length and the solution we were given is functional but far from ideal:

Try setting your speakers to headphones on the sound settings as Turn 10 enhanced the engine volume in that setting.

Not available in FM6 but try changing between the Headphones and Home Theater settings to see if one sounds better over the other.

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Thanks guys.

Welcome to the next generation

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There is no setting in F5 to turn the engine volume up/dwn, just a master volume option.

As for F6, try the “headphones” setting in your audio options - you don’t need a headset to use this option. It increases the focus on engine audio.

And, reality check: F6 ain’t F5, the engine audio detail and overall prominence isn’t at the same level, unfortunately.