Audi S3 2009/2015 LEDS

Hi there,

I like these Audi a lot as I (have) own(ed) both models. However I’m not enitrely satisfied with how the new LEDs are done in Forza 5. Sure, the new ones are more discrete than the old ones, but even so, the difference ingame is huge and you almost don’t even notice them! This is a shame as I was very impressed with the way the old LEDS were done.

Here’s a comparison between the 2 models, both real photos and ingame…

Here's the comparison...

Looks pretty spot on to me. Old Audi has glaring bright LEDs, new one doesn’t. Both in game and real life.

But let’s be fair, in the grand scheme of things, how brightly the LEDs shine on one single car is such a small thing I don’t think anyone is going to give a hoot. That’s like building an entire luxury cruise liner from scratch then one person complains that a single screw on the whole ship is slightly less shiny than the rest…

Like I said, there’s a difference in real life, but I don’t think the ingame 2015 S3 does the car and its LEDs justice. They simply aren’t present enough.
We all know the passion for cars that is present @ Turn 10. These folks are perfectionists and it is only fair that we give them our opinion as car lovers ourselves.

It looks like you have the exposure up too high. Check that because it certainly looks like you have that up way too high

It’s not a picture from photo mode, just a photo taken with my cellphone during the start sequence.