Audi Hosts Forza Motorsport 6 Endurance Race

Attention Gamers: Play Forza Motorsport 6 today and tomorrow for an opportunity to win a track day in the Audi R8. ‪#‎AudiLeForza‬

Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states (and D.C.) but excl: AZ, MD, CO, NJ, & TN, age 21 yrs.+ with valid driver’s license. Ends: 11:59pm ET 6/8/16. To enter, and for Official Rules, including prize descriptions, visit Audi 24H Le Forza.


FYI, folks, you can find this event in the Community Monthly section of Rivals in Forza Motorsport 6. Look for the “Qualifying For Le Forza” event. The event closes tomorrow at midnight Eastern, so register and get your time in ASAP. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Register and find contest rules and details here:


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So when will us in European countries get a chance to take part with a chance of actually being eligible to win?

MLG is a no go for people outside the US.

I can appreciate that cost has probably got a lot to do with not being eligible for the Audi Le Forza as the prize is in San Francisco.

Will European countries get there own form of competition?

I just had to beat Triton yesterday in the new audi le mans rival. I saw that almost half of the players entered where European by that time. the number 1 guy in that rival is also European. I was kinda lol when I just got notified by this post that there is only US… I guess its the fastest 18 players from the US that qualify ?!

Top 18 from US get the chance to go, the next 18 are alternates in case those in the top 18 can’t attend.

I’ve not even bothered to have a go, aside from driving the car round le mans there’s no point in wasting time on it if we can’t win.

Maybe one day we’ll get something similar.

Perhaps T10 should put the eligibility criteria into the RIVALS message. Or on the event description itself.

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US only? lame.

Not even Canada is included this time either. I ran an opening lap and that’s about it. As it stands, top 18 is quite easy to run.

Are we going to let a Canadian trash talk us like this? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! Come on, American drivers, let’s go! 10 hours left to qualify!


The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ???

(spoiler: I included the movie quote to signal friendly ribbing)

Was it not the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbour?

Winner winner chicken dinner

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LOL. Must be the same time Mr. Bean got voted first American President.

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What track is this being run on? I may see what I can do tonight when I get home. I am feeling a bit better about my chances in these things. I actually saw a message the other day stating “You beat RBW Triton” That made my day :slight_smile:

Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe in the e-tron, stock only

Thanks Max

Oh I’m so trying this out. Thankfully my state is eligible.

Why do people always assume they are being slighted by Turn 10/Microsoft Studios when these events have restrictions?
This is an Audi promotional event, not a Turn 10/Microsoft Studios promotion. As with any promotional event with prizes, legal constraints usually limit who is eligible.
I’m sure Audi would be more than happy to have this promotion appeal to everyone. Unfortunately, those who are not eligible need look no further than their own state or countries laws that significantly restrict certain promotional events.