Auctions for Pre-Order Cars

When I try to bid on a pre-order edition it gives me an error, “Failed to download required market place data. Please try again later.” Does anyone else experience this? Is it meant for these cars to be unsellable in the Auction House?

Can you Buy them all in the Auction house? Are they going for silly prices or reasonable? I really want the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C63 S Coupe as I bought My Ultimate Edition from GAME on Disc.

I’ve had this error on the Horizon Edition cars too. The way I fixed it was to back out of the auction completely, and then find the car again and try again. It worked for me

The non-preorder editions are there to buy but the ones designated as pre-orders I can’t bid on or buy out. The prices are reasonable for some and, of course, there will be the high ones. I brought my game on disc too, I got the F-Type Project 7.

The Horizon Editions work fine but I tried what you advised but still the same result, I don’t know if it n=has no bids for the pre-orders for you but all of the pre-order editions have no bids.

I had the same problem trying to purchase a Ferrari 488, same error message. Can’t even bid on it.

You probably can’t buy the “Preorder Edition” of that car, but you can always buy the exact same car without the pre-tune from the Autoshow … all the preorder cars (their stock version) are available for purchase there.

I have a 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB in my garage, but I pre-ordered from the XBL dashboard … not GameStop.

These PreOrder Cars are all in Game as normal Versions

the Preordered Versions are just pretuned
they not Special in any way

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Not true, I tested my preoder c63 against a regular one (with the exact same upgrades) and the preoder has slightly higher stats!

It appears you can buy the pre-order car you received but not one that you don’t have.

Yes, I know you can buy the stock versions in the Autoshow/Auction House and about them not being “special” just tuned versions of the stock car.