Auctions = broken

Auctions are a nice feature, but your server performance is not up for it.

Prices are not current.
Prices are not updating in time
Impossible to quick buy cars unless it is a car no one is interested in to buy at all.

50 out of 50 Auctions - no matter how quick I press the buttons - the quick buying fails. Not even counting in the sporadic loading time of 30 seconds (network / software bug on FH5 side).

I have a 600Mbit connection and top hardware. Issue is on your side.

Please fix. Auctions are worthless for 99% of all players. The rest is either using Macros or is spending hours trying to buy a car instead of playing the game.

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even if they “updated it” if a car is popular and wanted peopel are gonna spam buy it as fast as they can. no matter what they “did” people will still spend alot of time trying to “snipe” a car. sniping in an auction based system has always existed since the old days of dial up and the start of EBAY.

heres a tip that may help you. if your not doing it already.

when you search for the car you want and it shows the list, instead of clickin g on the car to get into the menu to bid or buy, just hit “y” on your controller (not sure what it is on keyboard"

the “y” button brings up a sub menu for bid or buyout right there on the first screen, saves you many seconds instead of loading into the cars actual screen.

search car
hit y
bid or buyout
someone else already bid higher or buyout? back out and hit search again.
repeat 1-4 till you get your car.

you say prices arnt current or updating in time, but you ahve to remember, theres anywhere fro m1-dozens of people all trying to bid on a car at the same time. even if the prices updated faster, theyd be updating every half second for rare cars. lol.

For your better understanding: I am not a beginner. In FH4 my turnover in auctions was probably over 1 billion. There were also update Issues. In fact exactly the same, but less bad overall.

If you keep refreshing every 1 second (search for specific car / price) - and the only UPDATE that comes in is a SOLD CAR - you can tell the delay / latency is several seconds - at least 3000-5000ms, probably more (the other guy gets opportunity to see and buy car and the server has to conclude the deal and present the update to others / myself. All I often see the concluded deal. Nothing else.

So someone for whatever reason has a faster update from FH5 servers than someone sitting in Central Europe.
Maybe they have a Server in Argentina or Swasiland and the few people there get faster updates.

!!! Same happens for ANY Auction in the last minute or below. Almost impossible o place a bid. Always outdated prices. (Unless you are the only buyer) !!!

I will stay away from Auction and the related frustrating waste of time and play with the plenty cars I have already won in Wheelspins etc. (285ish).

Just saying… Auction would be nice, but servers or software is not performing

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