Auction system terribly flawed

The way it is right now, the lowest spec car out there can be listed for a buyout of millions. That’s a joke. I can see about 50% over retail maximum for a car with no tune or custom paint. Then there’s the Horizon cars. No tune Ford GT Horizon edition for $5.5 million buyout?? Really?!??! About 3 times retail max for a stock Horizon car would be reasonable. $1.2 million when it regularly sells for $400,000 for example.

I propose only the last two bidders be allowed to re-bid after 1 minute left. Right now, someone who has been actively bidding on a car for 15 minutes can have it stolen out from under them by some joker who is just trolling the almost finished auctions. The other thing that’s happening is players are running up the price for their friends by bidding with zero intent to buy the car. I’ve seen a couple players bidding on 10 of the exact same cars and buying none of them. This wastes everyone’s time and it’s a poor way to act towards other players in the community, in my opinion. I think I’ll start recording the gamer tags of these players and start a thread calling them out so we can boycott their car sales.

The more people sell, the higher their ranking and therefore are allowed to sell into the millions.

If you don’t like that, don’t bid. Let your credits balance to the talking, no one is forcing you to bid/buy those cars.

Don’t try to name and shame, that isn’t allowed here. You need to read: and


All horizon edition cars have the same buyout, but a HE gt rarely get bought out. Learn to browse the AH. Don’t want to pay a lot? Don’t try buying Friday through Sunday, try Tuesday nights. And the bidding wars happen in real life too. Again, it’s a strategy. That’s how I got my HE Huracan, got into a bidding war for one, took it almost all the way to buyout value, lost, then won the next one for “only” 3m because it was just me and him, the others bidding either couldn’t afford it or didn’t wanna go that high.

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Welcome to real life buddy
That’s how auctions work
Ever tried ebay


Hah, vouch!

And I do agree with AbeRod0286 when he’s listing the days that generally have the least online activity. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are what I try to go for. I won a Horizon Edition GT on my sixth wheelspin and am not about to sell it anytime soon. To be honest, look at the remaining times for all of the car you search for. If there’s less than an hour remaining, that usually leads to bid wars with people going so high, so close to the buyout price that someone either buys it out or whoever placed a bid last pays x amount of credits (5.5m is the minimum buyout price for all Horizon Edition cars).

I got a Horizon Edition Countach and 22B each for 200k within two hours of buying the first one. It’s all about tactics. And yes, eBay.

Auction pricing does not affect you unless you let it.

If not happy dont pay.


Are you sure it’s not something else?

I’ve bid on dozens of the same car before and bought none because I’m trying to buy one for a price I can afford and eventually the price gets to be higher than the credits have.

Of course, sometimes this backfires and I’ve bought half a dozen HE mini coopers but that is life.


My problem with trying to auction cars is that you can’t set lower prices. When I auction something it is because I want to be rid of it. I would love to be able to set the initial bid price lower and even more to be able to lower the buyout price to something people will jump on. If I have an extra HE car I want to get rid of the buyout is set at 5.5 million. I would love to be able to set an enticing buyout price that some may not be able to pass up.


Then just set a low starting price. Not sure I understand the issue here.

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It has a set lower price that you can’t lower which is the problem. I would like to be able to set the price as low as I want instead of being locked into the initial bid price.


Does anyone have a answer on the time limit or (restriction) on auctioning cars?? Very aggravating

I take it the OP is new to FH3 then? Absolutely nothing wrong with how the auction house works imo.

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I remember the days of selling Fiat 500s for millions of credits…

The auction house has always had ridiculously priced cars. I actually think the set price ranges make it worse. In FM4 for example, you could sell any car for as low as 1,000 credits, or as high as a few hundred million. It was fun to just see what people were trying to sell for ridiculous prices. On occasion, though, you could find amazing deals.

Also, you could sell cars with no buyout.

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Is 3,000 not low enough? What kind of cars are you trying to sell for lower than 3k?

Wow, no buyout. I wonder how that would affect Horizon 3’s Auction House.

Apparently it’s not low enough, as there are a number of cars that are completely impossible to sell (duplicates from wheelspins that I kept instead of cashing them in right away, and extra F-150 gift cars that the game accidentally gave me when it for some reason deactivated my VIP access and reinstated it after a hard reset). Plus, the 200k lower limit for HE cars seems a bit high - if I could sell them for 100k (or even less), somebody would probably pick them up because the base non-HE version of the car is more expensive than 100k, and we (buyer and seller) would both win. As it is, some HE cars are practically impossible to sell and just fill up my garage.

A more radical solution for the AH’s perceived uselessness would be to do away with (or at least drastically reduce) free car handouts from wheelspins - that way, our garages wouldn’t fill up with hundreds of cars we don’t want, the market would not be flooded with cars everybody gets for free, you’d actually have to buy the cars you really want, and it might be more interesting to use the AH for finding good deals.

At lower than 3000
Why not just remove from your garage if you really want them gone
Less than 3000 isnt that much to lose

3000? The lowest you can set an HE to is 200K and the min buyout is set at 5.5 million. I had some extra Ferraris and the lowest min setting was like 90K. I wouldn’t even bother trying to sell a cheapo car as I would just delete it if I didn’t want.

There are people out there that will pay 90k for a Ferrari. If you find you can’t sell it, just remove it from your garage. That’s the only thing anyone could do in Horizon 2.

Honestly I just wish there was a max bid option like on eBay. That way I can bid on the car I want, set the max bid I’m willing to go and move on. I don’t have time to sit there and wait for certain cars while in this bid war.