Auction Mechanics

Could somebody please explain to me the mechanics of the auction house?
I am aware there is a fee (circa 10% from posts on here), however, I just bought a car for 900k and sold for 1.1 mill and lost around 4k. (This is in the autoshow for 1.35 mil so it wasn’t like I was making huge margin over the retail price)

I seriously don’t understand the point of the auction house if Turn10/playground just interfere with market dynamics like this…it literally becomes a second autoshow where a few cars are a bit cheaper

it’s a place to buy HE cars, is it better to wait months at a time until one comes around again if you missed? Yes there is a fee around 10% but no one is sure what the actual percentage is. The AH was not meant as a get rich quick scheme although many try but you are better off just playing the game to make money

I see what you mean. I know its not meant as a get rich scheme, but at the same time I still think if its a car game then you should be able to make money through car sales, designs and tuning setups.

Out of interest I just recorded some of the margins and the fees vary between 3.8% and 9.5% so far. Interestingly, the 9.5% fee was on a car I made 33% margin on where as the 3.8% was one I made 46% margin on. So the fee doesn’t seem to be based on the margin you make which counters what I was expecting. I don’t know what they are basing it on.

It also depends on the tune and livery on the car
More gets taken if it has someone elses tune or livery on it
It’s not based on margins…more the total value of the car

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Can we claim the loss on our Forza taxes? lol

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