Auction House's commission.

Can you tell me something about that? I saw that low priced cars no have comission, for bigger one it is around 10%. Now I sell car for 7mil and got only 6mil. Please explain me this one - i didnt read the popup before get the money from auction…

nobody will explain this, I posted about this a long time ago and nobody answered then. The percentage varies depending on the sale price, the highest I’ve sold a car was for 8.9 million and they took iirc 1.2 million in commission which is absolutely mind boggling imo. Thats almost 13.5% of the sale, but to be fair its only a lil above what one would pay for in real life…I think it runs 8-10 percent.

I think it also varies if your re-selling a car with a Paint job or Tune and the level of the painter and or tuner… They get a cut as well…


It makes a sense…

It makes no sense…the 10% comes from the purchaser and then fades away into oblivion. The 10% taken by the auction house doesn’t make its way back into the forza economy. Its a black hole.

Credits need to be taken out of the economy as they are not a finite resource and not removing them would result in runaway inflation.


No, it makes a sense. Thats like real auctions. All of them have commission like ebay amazon. If you wanna sell the car in stock you will get 100% of money. If you use tunes or paints from others (which can bid up offer for your auction) thats normal that there should be a commission. Why do you should get al of the money if you sell the car for. Bigger money with not you specs? Black hole or not - nevermind. Just the auction :slight_smile:

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You never get 100%
Theres always at least a 10% commission taken

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Not always m8.

Yeh only when you sell cars for a really low amount of credits
If you sell for 200000 credits you get taxed for at least 20000

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In my experience selling on the AH, the commission ranged from about 8% to about 18% depending on the car, amount sold for and whether or not it had someone else’s tune or livery. I’ve never had a commission-free sale, but then again all of my sales were over 100k credits.

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