Auction House?

All day today as I am bidding on cars the auction ends and says someone outbid me… Same notice at the EXACT same time… I think there is a hack going around or people know exploits.

A quick check of this forum would have told you that no, this is not a hack, FH4 does not extend the timer after a bid like FH3 did, hence your last second bids. It’s not an exploit, not a hack, it’s a legit way the AH is designed to work

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There is no countdown, there is no way to determine EXACTLY when it will end. The timer won’t even go to “Ending Soon” it will just say 1 minute left then END AND OUTBID. If it looks like hacks, and smells like hacks, odds are it’s hacks.

I’ve heard of this thing where people will wear a timing device strapped to their wrist for quick access. I have no idea what they call that, but I’ll keep a watch out for the answer.

You’re wrong. The AH does tell you it is ending soon, the only difference between this and FH3 is that the auction timer does not reset if you bid during the ending soon phase. It’s not hacks, it’s people that are buying out or are able to bid quickly.


I know it says “Ending Soon” but this morning it wasn’t saying that and with 1 minute left, it would just end and say I was outbid. Must be a new hack going around!

Probably a buyout, not a hack.

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No not buyouts just a couple thousand credits more than my previous bid.

I believe there are bots. It WAS a thing back in FH3 where people would set up bots to buy out certain rare cars the second they go up. It could be a thing in FH4, especially with, once again, the rare cars.

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What if it looks like bad luck and smells like sour grapes?


Paranoia? Somebody bought out the car you bid on, plain and simple. Might come down to who has the best/fastest internet connection as well…

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I’m not going to share my time exactly but when it hits ending soon run a stop watch on your phone and bid. Remember to leave time for the bid to be registered. I believe I have cracked it though. Much prefer this system over the old auction house.

I mean that seems to be the only thing besides a hack I can think of, still weird than it doesn’t say “Ending Soon” when these “Unusual” bids take place.

But it seems like there is nothing more to say so if an admin wants to close this thread they can.

I’ve tried waiting until the last second to bid but usually when I do that it either says my bid failed or someone bids and wins the auction before my bid even registers.

If you can get the timing right and know how to use the menus, you can win quite easily at the last second.

Take the time to figure it out, it really isn’t that hard.

I’ve sniped countless cars myself on the Auction House. You’ve just got to get used to the new system!

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Have a timer set for one minute on your phone. When it says ending soon start the timer, bid when its 28-30 seconds, you’ve won the car and no one can do a thing about it. Terrible system.

Hey, this is my first post, so I’m sorry if there’s anything wrong, but I’ll just get into it

I’ve been buying cars on the auction and notices something sort of strange. I was bidding for a Aston Martin Vulcan FE, and just waiting for the action to go from ‘ending soon’ to either somebody out bidding, or me winning the car, however while I was waiting somebody outbid me, and before I even had a chance to counter the action ended and I lost the car… Is supposed to be possible? I thought that if a bid was made extremely late into the auction it would reset the timer to 1 min or so to stop people ‘sniping’ bids (if that’s the correct term).

Thanks. I hope to get some clarification on this.

Yeah. This works. Ideally the auction should end a minute after the last bid. That would mean no one can snipe an auction using this sort of technique and it’d mean you get the maximum someone else is willing to spend when you sell a car. The downside is that some auctions for the rare cars would take a really long time to end.