Auction House

I just wanted to know what level you unlock the auction house because I’m level 52 and I still can’t use it?

You should of got in around level 3-5… are you sure youve done all the required things

I wonder about this too. It must not be directly tied to level as im at 60 and Auction House is still unavailable for me too.

anyone know what specific event/activity needs to be done to unlock auction house?

This is probably just a glitch. I unlocked it after I expanded Byron Bay twice??

When I go into the Festival it sometimes takes a few minutes for the Auction option to be enabled. Have you tried waiting?

I’m at level 87 and my auction house remains locked. My festivals are already at level 5-4 - 3-3.

My club also remains blocked.

How to release them?

Same for me I’m 91 with 10 millions fans and no auction house and I cant go online and i didnt see a drivatar in the map since I up my festival

Same with me guys . Market place , social, cars all tabs are blocked. I have VIP pass which i cant see anywhere , neither can i see my VIP cars… How to access them…Please someone reply.

make sure your byron bay festival is level 2 that is when i got it

They just released a update fixing that yesterday. That might help?

Same thing here, my friend had the opportunity to enter the market place. But here everything is grey and i am not able to press it at all. Is there any fix on this yet?

I actually seem to have somehow sorted it out my issue with the greyed out Auction House tab.
I noticed when i went to the online paints section it said not available due to parental settings on my xbox account. I logged into → xbox settings → privacy and online safety.

I basically made everything as “allowed” or available to everyone and it seems to start working after that.

blew 1.4 million now on a HE focus RS and M4… good stuff!

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You have to be connected to xbox live to use it.

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How do I see auction house on my tablet

You can’t.


Can anybody show a list of cars that only stored in the auction house???

There is no list for that all cars in the game can be and will be in the auction house.

There are no cars that exclusive to the AH. Horizon Edition cars are not available from the Auto Show, but can be obtained by other means. There are several Forzathon and Barn Find cars, that you can’t buy from the Auto Show, but again they are available by other means and not just the AH.

is anyone selling a Lamborghini Centenario for cheap? I am going to be on tonight and tomorrow night so I can try to win the Forzathon fort the Sesto Elemento. I just need to get a Centenario quick and cheap

it won’t work if ur offline