auction house??

does anyone on here know if the game will have an auction house ??


No auction house.
No storefronts.
No gifting.

What we have is the same sharefront from FM5/FH2 but with greatly improved payout for creators. Every single download, like and use, for tune or paint, earns credits.

I haven’t had much chance to test out the search function as I’ve been racing like a madman and painting when I need a break but if that is also improved then I think we’ve got a very workable system that benefits everyone.

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i was very excited when forza 6 announced they were bringing 460 cars into the new gen.

what made me abit sad was there was no store front or auction house. two of the most interesting part of forza.

it let painters showcase there art and made several different community’s in one large community . i myself love to paint but there is no way to get people to check out all your work.

the auction house created a economy in forza and helped make the game more interesting with buying low or making fun games with your friends and buying cars for cheap and then racing what you found, and games like that.

i would love to see these things back or even some sort of SF.

let me know what you guys think

I’d love o see the AH and storefront back as well but you can still make plenty of cr from your painting. I’m probably close to 1 mil.

is there and aution in forza motersports 6 like they had in the forza 4 game

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