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A few months ago I had seven auctions that were suddenly under review and now my cars from the auctions are disappeared. What can I do to get at least the money for the cars back?

Only Turn 10 and the administrators can remove those items for just cause. Under Review is when they had the item(s) for inspection of possible violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

If they determined they should be removed, they have, otherwise they would have been released. Neither the administration of the Code of Conduct or any resulting bans is discussed on these forums. You may write the developers at

I already wrote them, but I got only an automatic reply back.

I would then suggest to forget about them and move on.

Even T10 didn’t remove them for TOS violations, they would have been removed after 30 days anyway (the AH cannot be used to store cars).

Pretty sure in that event you get them back.

But I don’t want to forget them because I lost about 15.000.000CR trough that stuff and did not store them there, they were under review, so that I couldn’t get them back during this time and then they were just removed.

Where can I contact Turn Ten without getting an automatic reply back, so that I maybe get my cars or my CR back? is the contact address. The automated reply is so you know the email was received. With the volume of people sending emails, it takes time to sort, prioritize and investigate the valid issues. Have patience.

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Ok, thanks

To the op if you are worried about the 15 million credits you lost then try this

Iroc is giving away 10-100million credits.

happy hunting

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