Auction House Problem

Hi Guys,

After last update, I can not load my auction house now. I have three cars to sell in auction house a day before, but after summer season start, all those cars sold or not can not be loaded. There are just refreshing page. So, I can not claim the CR or unsold cars. Besides, I can not see auction house normally either. Whichever car you search, the list can not fully show up, just refreshing pages. Sometimes, only a few cars show up but the rest list keep refreshing.

I have tried restart games, reinstall games, delete saves and resync, submit ticket… whatsoever, nothing works, (XBOX Series X)

Has anyone experienced this before or have any solution for this?
Really appreciated if you have any suggestions…

Forza Support became aware of an issue with the Auction House yesterday. I’ll post again when there’s new news:

“We are currently investigating an issue with the Auction House in #ForzaHorizon4. Updates to follow”

You can also follow @Forza_Support to see the latest.

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Prices for some cars tanked. Astons, R34, Crown Vic, others.
I’ll flip some or buy some with excess CR to stay below 999,999,999
All happened in last day or few.

"Thank you for your patience as we investigated. Today we are gifting credits to players who were affected in the amount of open or unclaimed auctions.

It may be a few days until players see the infinite loading issue resolve. Credits should be granted within the next few hours for affected players."


I know i had one bid at around a million among the 10-12 cars i had on sale.
Got about 250.000 credits back and lost all the cars that didn’t sell.
This behaviour is shameful!

Hi, auction house is loading fine for me now, i can sell cars but wont let me buy out or bid on ANY car? Is that part of the issue going on with auction house?