Auction House Not Available?

Started the Forzathon today (5/25/2018) and the Auction House is not available. I’ve 2 separate internet connection and the Auction House and Clubs tabs are both greyed out.

Anybody else having this problem?

Now I’m confused. I just logged in with my second account and the Auction House is available, along with every other online feature.

I know you need to play the game for a while before you can access multiplayer, maybe one of your accounts has played more than the other?

Thanks for your response.

With my primary account which is SoccerCoachXtrm, I have completed the game and every achievement. I am driver level 669. The following features/functions are not available (greyed out): Auction House, Clubs, Paints, Vinyl Groups

My secondary account, LCHEEVERS, I just started about 6 weeks ago and have complete about 15% of the game. The Auction House and every thing else is working fine.

Can’t be that then,. Unless you were just unlucky and the servers went down for a short time it might be worth checking your in-game messages to see if you’ve lost access to multiplayer/AH for reasons we can’t discuss on the forums.

Thanks again. I don’t know why my access would be removed, but the thought crossed my mind. I checked my in-game messages, and there was nothing. I have shutdown, unplugged, and restarted my XBOX One console twice, with no change. Since the other account works fine, it must be related to my primary account only.

I sent an e-mail to Hopefully, they can provide an answer. I hope my profile isn’t jacked up.

Thanks again